Meet the cast: Lindsey Noel Whiting of 'Lookingglass Alice'

Whiting, Lindsey NoelAt the Theatre Company: Debut. Lindsey is excited to be back with the cast and crew of Lookingglass Alice. Lookingglass credits: Cascabel, The Great Fire, and Icarus. Regionally, Lindsey has performed at Actors Theatre of Louisville, The Alliance Theatre, and Syracuse Stage. Chicago credits include: The Snow Queen (Victory Gardens); Once Upon A Time (or The Secret Language of Birds), The Golden Truffle, The Cabinet, and Sink, Sank, Sunk (Redmoon), as well as several circuses at The Actors Gymnasium. Lindsey also performs with Mucca Pazza, a circus punk marching band. As always, thanks to Mom for her continued support.

Meet the Cast: Loindsey Noel Whiting

Alice in certain performances, Lookingglass Alice

  • Hometown: Elgin, Ill., about an hour outside of Chicago 
  • Training: BA in Theatrical Performance from Bradley University
  • What was the role that changed your life? Well, this play has certainly been a life-changer. I’ve met my fiance (castmate Samuel Taylor) and traveled to different cities. I began working with Lookingglass and The Actors Gymnasium. But here are some details on another life-changer. I was doing a theatrical event for a Chicago festival called Looptopia. I was wearing a mouse costume – a full, mascot, mouse costume. I was supposed to climb up a scaffolding, crawl into a giant hamster wheel rigged with fireworks and perform choreography to music I couldn’t really hear. I was waiting to enter, sitting about 15 feet in the air on top of a crane that was going to drive me out in grand style, watching through my little mouse eyeholes as the crowd grew. We had barely rehearsed, never tested the fireworks, and there were more than 1,000 people attending. Right before we went on, I thought to myself, “You’re going to do this crazy thing. And then you’re going to go home and watch Netflix on the couch. This is the life you’ve chosen.” Now, every time I’m in a situation where I have to do something intimidating or frightening I think, “You ran in a wheel of fire in front of a thousand people … You can do this.”
  • Why are you an actor? Oh man. Because it’s really easy, steady work. … Kidding. … It’s a good question and I can tell it’s a good question because I’m having such a hard time answering. I think a big part of why I’m in this field has to do with the fact that the people I get work with are really great people. These are people who take pretending very seriously; they will spend hours working on silly voices and studying what makes a moment funny. I believe (castmate) Molly Brennan calls it “wearing a hat and doing a funny walk.” Our show says, “Playing takes practice” and the theatre is full of play practitioners. 
  • What would you be doing for a career if you weren’t an actor? I do a number of other things to pay the bills. I teach kids how to use their bodies to tell stories. I do administrative work. Sometimes people pay me to play ukulele. I babysit. I’m told that actors have some marketable skills – working well within a team, public speaking, creative problem-solving. There may well come a time when it makes sense to put those skills to use in a different field. And I also like the idea of leaving the city and moving to an alpaca farm. 
  • Ideal scene partner: I’m going to be a jerk and not pick one. There are a number of people in the theatre community who I’d like to have as a scene partner. I suppose what they all have in common is a sense of openness and generosity. I’m going to steal a phrase from Samuel Taylor and say that I’d like to play with people “who show up with their pockets full.” That’s the kind of actor I’d like to be, and the kind of actor I’d like to work with.  
  • Why does this play matter? It’s a story about growing up. And that’s a universal experience. As Alice moves across the chess board, she’s got one queen spouting nonsense and another insisting she follow the rules. She has to determine how to balance the two. 
  • What do you hope the audience gets out of Lookingglass Alice? I hope they leave a little more willing to believe in impossible things. 
  • Finish this sentence: “All I want is … ” to be in good health. In terms of personal happiness, everything else kind of seems like my responsibility.

Lindsey Noel Whiting in 'Lookingglass Alice.' Photo by Liz Lauren.Lindsey Noel Whiting in ‘Lookingglass Alice.’ Photo by Liz Lauren.

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