Our video tribute to Henry Lowenstein

Henry Lowenstein and wife, Deb. The Colorado Theatre Guild’s annual Henry Awards are named for legendary producer Henry Lowenstein, who staged more than 400 productions at the old Bonfils Theatre on East Colfax Avenue. This was the first year of the Henry Awards without Henry, who died in October 2014. This video tribute produced by Denver Center for the Performing Arts Senior Arts Journalist John Moore was played during Monday’s ceremony, and it includes commentary from Cleo Parker Robinson, Bob Wells and John Ashton. Robinson, who credits her later founding of Cleo Parker Robinson Dance to her growing up at the Bonfils Theatre, tells the story of how her father was hired as the theatre janitor in 1956 over the objections of Bonfils patrons. Jonathan Parker went on to perform in dozens of plays at the Bonfils, including the lead role of Walter Lee Younger in A Raisin in the Sun.

Part 2 of our video tribute (above) pays respect to others we have lost in the theatre community over  the past year, including Shelly Bordas, Lloyd Norton, Jeffrey Gallegos, Ray Viggiano, Bill Francouer, Kent Haruf, Michael Daevid (McKim) and DCPA President Randy Weeks. Commentary by Steven J. Burge, Steve Tangedal, Christopher Whyde, Madge Montgomery, Ronni Gallup, Rod Lansberry, William Hahn, Tom McNally, Mark Devine, Nick Sugar, John Ekeberg, Ray Roderick and more.

Here is our complete roundup of Monday’s Henry Awards at the Arvada Center. It includes a complete list of winners. Look for more coevrage to come including photos, video performance highlights and our tribute honoring other members of the local theatre community who have died in the past year.

Pictured: Henry Lowenstein and wife, Deb.

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