Photos: The comic magical mystery of 'Lord of the Butterflies'

Shirley Delta Blow knows her way around a deserted island. Photo by John Moore. To see our complete ‘Lord of the Butterflies’ photo gallery, click here.

Lord of the Butterflies is Off-Center @ The Jones’ homage to the DCPA Theatre Company’s mainstage presentation of Lord of the Flies. In local Drag Queen Shirley Delta Blow’s silly retelling of the classic novel, a plane trip gone terribly wrong strands Shirley and fellow queens Zoe O, Olive de Bottom and Dan D Lite on a deserted island. All they have to survive on is their wits, fabulous wardrobes and fellow passengers: Lesbians named Jackie, Simone and Rachel.

In this outrageous re-telling, the struggle for island dominance comes complete with delightful dancing, magnificent musical performances, irreverent improvisation … and lots of glitter. The cast also features Sarah Kirwin, Jessica Robblee and Mara Wiles. The show was conceived by Emily Tarquin, developed by Stuart Sanks and directed by Michael Emmitt. Costumes by Meghan Anderson Doyle.

The Nov. 7 performance is sold out. So your last chance to see Lord of the Butterflies is tonight, Oct. 31, at 8 p.m.

Here are a few more images from Thursday night’s performance. To see our complete ‘Lord of the Butterflies’ photo gallery, click here. All photos by John Moore. 


Sarah Kirwin comes back-to-unicorn-mouth with her inner demons.

The lovely ladies of Shirley’s island strike a ‘Charlie’s Angels’ pose.


Olive de Bottom meets the Lord of the Butterflies.

Shirley Delta Blow.


A Shirley Delta Blow photo montage by John Moore.


Smokin’ in the boys’  room. To see our complete ‘Lord of the Butterflies’ photo gallery, click here.

‘Lord of the Butterflies’: Ticket information
Remaining performances Oct. 31 (available) and Nov. 7 (sold out)
7:30 p.m. doors, 8 p.m. show

Run Time: 90 minutes
Ticket Price: $18
Age Recommendation: Appropriate for audiences aged 18+
Advisory: Unpredictable adult themes and language

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