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The Color Purple is Now Playing at the DCPA

1 Pulitzer Prize. 1 National Book Award. 11 Academy Award nominations. 4 Golden Globe nominations. 3 Tony Awards. The Color Purple is a triumphant, inspiring piece of art that reaffirms some fundamental truths: that Black is beautiful, that women are powerful, and that love is love. Take your first look at The Color Purple below. DETAILS The […]

Costume rendering by Trevor Bowen for The Color Purple

Q&A with the Costume Designer for The Color Purple

At first glance, the costumes in The Color Purple look pretty ordinary. Everyone is wearing historically accurate clothing, pieces that look like they belonged to your grandparents or great-grandparents. What if that is exactly what the costume designer, Trevor Bowen, had in mind? For some productions, it takes hard work to make costumes look like […]

A woman stands with her arms outstretched, belting a song onstage.

Making a Blooming Vine for The Color Purple

The DCPA scenic department tackles everything from building boats and animating animals to creating spectacular ballrooms and making it shower onstage. Now, they have created a blooming vine for The Color Purple that bursts forth in a profusion of color. Watch the video below and learn how these talented artists take an idea on paper […]

A woman sings while standing on a chair. She's wearing a glittering red dress. People clap and dance around her.

Behind the Story of The Color Purple

Watch the video below and hear Angela Wildflower (Shug) and Elexis Morton (Nettie) talk about the deeper story and heart of The Color Purple. DETAILS The Color Purple Mar 31 – May 7, 2023 · Wolf Theatre Tickets

A group of women are seated at a table in discussion

Area Resources for Victims of Domestic Abuse

TW: This article contains content that some readers may find distressing, including mentions of abuse. Those familiar with Alice Walker’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, The Color Purple, are familiar with the abuse Celie suffered at the hands of her father and husband. It went beyond physical to sexual, mental and emotional abuse. According to a 2020 […]

A woman stands with her arms outstretched, belting a song onstage.

After 30 Years, The Color Purple Still Stirs Audiences

One of the most quoted sentences from Alice Walker’s novel The Color Purple is “I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it.” Walker grew up in Eatonton, Georgia in the 1940s, the youngest of eight children in a sharecropping family. It is […]

Two women kneel, facing one another with their hands clasped. They are both smiling brightly.

First Look: The Color Purple

A Pulitzer Prize. A National Book Award. 11 Academy Award Nominations. Four Golden Globe Nominations. Three Tony Awards. Few stories have had the cultural significance and lasting power of Alice Walker’s The Color Purple. Beloved by audiences worldwide, The Color Purple traces one woman’s fraught journey towards freedom and self-love. It is a triumphant, uplifting […]

Jameka Lewis seated at a table flips through a large archive book at the Blair Caldwell African American Research Library

Building Community Around The Color Purple

When you endeavor to build community, it’s important to enlist the support of people who are at its heart. People like Jameka B. Lewis, Senior Librarian at the Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library. In building community and welcoming individuals to experience the DCPA Theatre Company’s production of The Color Purple, the organization’s Education and Community […]

Hundreds of lights hang above the Wolf Theatre stage

Illuminating the Invisible: Lighting Design for The Color Purple

The DCPA Theatre Company’s production of The Color Purple is a homecoming of sorts for Lighting Designer Peter Maradudin. “The last production I lit at DCPA was in 2004 (too long ago, if you ask me…),” said Maradudin. “It was The Misanthrope, directed by Nagle Jackson. “Prior to that, I lit numerous productions in the […]

Charlotte Cowens sits at a piano with two other musicians

Trailblazing Black Women Musicians: Mirroring The Color Purple’s Shug Avery in Colorado

When you hear someone discuss The Color Purple, which character do you think of first? Is it Celie who learned to uncage her confidence and self-esteem to overcome strife? Is it Sofia and how all her life she “had to fight” men? Maybe the sensual songbird Shug Avery whose sheer confidence and beauty brought men […]