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Linda Klein and Barbara Gehring sit on a bed reading their diaries in The Secret Comedy of Women

Virtual Reality and Theatre Collide

We all need an escape sometime, especially patients stuck in a hospital room or receiving long medical treatments. Enter a virtual reality (VR) version of the comedic cabaret created by Barbara Ghering and Linda Klein. Through a partnership with the Denver Center for Performing Arts, UCHealth patients now have the opportunity to enjoy a virtual […]

A mother runs around the yard with her three children

UCHealth: The Importance of Play for All Ages

When kids play ball or make-believe while zipping through the backyard, they demonstrate good, healthy behaviors that parents encourage. But while playing proves natural for younger people, it turns out play is good for adults too, according to DCPA sponsor UCHealth. “When you think of play you probably have a visual of kids running and […]

the company of Hamilton Broadway Tour dances onstage

Broadway Playlists For Patients: What to listen to when healing

Put on the soundtrack to your favorite musical or listen to the latest album by a favored pop star to feel the difference a song makes. Does the music elevate the mood, get you going, or perhaps, relax you? There’s so much power when it comes to music, so it’s not surprising this art form […]

Actors dressed in cat costumes pose while they dance in CATS the musical

Dance For Your Health

While dance is something we can both do and watch for pleasure, the movement goes beyond entertainment. It’s actually good for your body and mind. “Dancing is excellent for your health, and it’s a wonderful example of an activity where art and sport meet,” said Dr. Joshua A. Metzl, MD, the head orthopedic physician for […]