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Your Wish Granted

While it’s nice to dream about finding a genie in a magical lamp and getting three wishes, chances are that won’t ever happen in this reality. However, there are plenty of organizations donning a genie cap and making modest dreams come true. True, these institutions don’t create princedoms, provide flying carpets or make mountains of […]

Affordable French Restaurants in Denver

Thanks to Victor Hugo’s 1862 novel Les Misérables and the May 10-21 production of the musical at the Buell Theatre, we have classic French food on the brain. Think coq au vin, escargot, steak frites, beef Bourguignon, onion soup, delicate pastries and more. Bread too proves important to many French meals as it was to […]

A Day at the Spelling Bee

Have you ever thought about spelling words like dowdy, Shetland, or goober? In order to win The Denver Post‘s 83rd Annual Colorado State Spelling Bee, these were just a few of the shorter idioms contestants ticked out. Longer words included splenetic, portentous, and cornucopia. And some words weren’t even recognized by Microsoft Word’s spell check, […]

Bluey, Beloved By Parents Everywhere

Bluey’s Big Play is coming to Denver, but it’s not just kids excited for the occasion, parents too love that Blue Heeler puppy and her family just as much. “It’s one of the only shows everyone, meaning us adults, can enjoy in our house,” said parent Jessica Marquis, who is far from alone in the […]

Denver’s Visual Art Scene

Art abounds in and around Denver, on the street, in galleries, hung on the walls of restaurants and inside the museums. With so many forms, it’s easy for those with an eye for visual creativity to find something new, thought provoking, or just plain cool to see. Juxtapose a romp around the local visual art […]

Get To Know the Lone Tree Arts Center

Take a trip to Lone Tree to delight in a decade-old arts center built around the idea of independent theater, live music, and shows for people of all ages and abilities. Those are the key elements of the Lone Tree Arts Center (LTAC), which offers not only inexpensive tickets to children’s performances in order to […]