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Create a Christmas Wonderland at Home

There’s no doubt Christmas is coming, already the songs are being played and lights have been popping up here and there. Lonnie Hanzon, the creator of Camp Christmas, is ready for it. Now in its third year, with six acres of pure holiday magic including indoor and outdoor spaces and Santa’s glampsite, this installation is […]

Five Great Places to Hear Live Music

Denver is ripe with talent, something easily heard when delving into the music scene. But while there are plenty of large venues to visit such as Red Rocks, Ball Arena and even our own Boettcher Concert Hall where the Colorado Symphony plays, smaller, more intimate places fuel the soundtrack of the city as well. Think […]

Much Ado About Mediterranean Food

Dinner only needs to embrace the clever use of herbs and spices rather than words, unlike a play by William Shakespeare. You can get those by seeing the Bard’s famous play Much Ado About Nothing, a comedic act of love, lies and pride that the DCPA Theatre Company sets in Messina, Sicily. Celebrate this whimsical […]

Shop Local Makers’ Markets

At the DCPA, we know a little something about “makers.” After all, our entire Theatre Company Production Team designs, paints, builds, lights and stitches unique sets, costumes, wigs, and props all season long. So we wanted to celebrate makers — those local creators who share their passion for art. Unlike a farmers’ market, a makers’ […]

Find a Funky Place for Fitness

Get out and get moving in a place that may surprise you. Denver, and surrounding areas, offer a host of fun and funky classes in unique settings all around town, including some of our favorite cultural attractions. We’re talking yoga with butterflies in Westminster, sunrise vinyasa outside in a beautiful Denver garden, stretching inside a […]

When it has to be clean, use…vodka?

Stellar Tips For Cleaning From Theater Experts While the outfits actors and actresses wear on stage may look pristine, a lot can happen before, during, and after a show that makes them anything but. Take those little incidents and odors you deal with at home and amplify them with sweat produced from hot stage lights, […]

Dance For Your Health

While dance is something we can both do and watch for pleasure, the movement goes beyond entertainment. It’s actually good for your body and mind. “Dancing is excellent for your health, and it’s a wonderful example of an activity where art and sport meet,” said Dr. Joshua A. Metzl, MD, the head orthopedic physician for […]