A Witch’s Guide to Denver

There’s a little bit of magic everywhere if you know how to look for it.

Fall under the spell of composer and lyricist Stephen Schwartz’s Wicked, coming to the Mile High City July 24 and running until August 25 at the Buell Theatre. The production is a loose retelling of author Gregory Maguire’s 1995 novel, Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, and features beloved witches from Oz.

The story follows Elphaba, a decidedly green girl who goes on to become the infamous Wicked Witch of the West. Only, this witch’s story starts at the beginning, when she met Glinda the “Good Witch of the North” in school. Through the story we learn Elphaba and Glinda both have a good and wicked side, showing the audience that the idea of a witch is neither black nor white.

The same idea proves true when it comes to witchy venues in and around the city. From crystal shops to unique restaurants to aura photography, Denver offers a little magic for everyone, wicked witch or not.

Photo courtesy Ritualcravt


7700 W 44th Ave Unit 1, Wheat Ridge

The mantra of RitualCravt revolves around art and magic colliding, and one of the best things about the Wheat Ridge shop is the artist pop-ups. Each month talented folk come from around the country to sell anything from glowing plants to crystal-laden jewelry to hand-crafted knives. Plus, it also features all the normal shop wares such as candles, live plants, bones, bath products, herbs, literature, and more.

Bonus: On any given day customers can dabble in aura photography with the Aura Weaver. Using “Dottie” the Auracam 6000, a device invented in the 1970s, the images capture the colors radiating from anyone in the frame. The shop also hosts live and virtual classes and has staff on hand to help with any questions and guidance.


2199 California St., Denver

When Marilyn Megenity opened the Mercury Cafe in 1975, the neighborhood around 22nd and California streets looked a lot different. Still, nothing was quiet as unique as her large space, which served whole, local and organic foods, hosted swing dance and tango nights, political talks, poetry readings, and more. Megenity herself identified as a witch, weaving a bit of her magic into the tapestry of the business.

Mercury Cafe

In the summer of 2021 Megenity finally retired, selling her beloved venue. Today the colorful murals still deck the walls inside and out (including a cat painted on the door that this author did over 20 years ago). Dancers congregate to swing and sway, plays take one of the two stages, and small bands draw a crowd. You never know who will make it big; back in the early 2000s DeVotchKa was one of those small bands, and from time to time old friends make an reappearance. While the resident witch may be gone, the magic remains.


Turns out some of our most beloved landmarks have spirt sightings, including The Molly Brown House (now a museum), The Brown Palace Hotel, and The Byers-Evans House in Capitol Hill. Plenty of people believe these and other parts of Denver are haunted, and the best way to dive into the spiritual world of the dead is by going to the experts.

Mainly, tour guides. The Ghost Tours of Denver offer nightly, 90-minute walks meant for the whole family, though younger kids may get scared. Nightly Spirits also hosts insightful tours, with a pub crawl on the side. Join a tour, but remember, any seances must be done on your own time.

Denver Ghost Tours


3301 E. Colfax Ave., Denver

Since the 1990’s this independent shop has catered to the witch, wizard, warlock, and anything in between. It’s also a great place to find beautiful stones, gems, figurines, clothing, and incense. Local artist Karrie McBryde has a display of hand-blown glass pieces for sale. Toni Penn, another Colorado creator, stocks the shelves with lovely jewelry pieces and ceramics inspired by nature.

For the magically curious, check out the book section. The shelves contain a plethora of titles from metaphysical books to local authors to almanacs. Rows of essential oils and flower essences take up a healthy section. With over 60 smells, it’s perfect for perfuming your life or creating a ritual blend. Candles, tarot cards, and spiritual journals reside nearby. Spirit Ways also offers experts at hand to guide visitors, as well as classes and events.

Plains Conservation Center. Photo courtesy Denver Botanic Gardens


Plains Conservation Center

21901 E. Hampden Ave., Aurora

Not all witchy things come in shops or restaurants. In fact, nature is a huge part of culture, so why not embrace it with a full moon hike. The Denver Botanic Gardens leads themed jaunts in the Plains Conservation Center in Aurora. In honor of the strawberry moon, the next event is Friday, June 21 from 8:15 to 9:15pm. Then on Monday, August 19, from 7:30 to 8:30pm, there’s a sturgeon moon hike at the same place. Each guided adventure runs $5 per person.

Little Moon Wellness

1409 N. Ogden St., Denver

Little Moon Wellness also dives into the full and new moons. Instead of an outdoor adventure, it’s about tapping into the lunar energy with a 90-minute ceremony focused on what each moon cycle brings. It’s $33 a session and includes meditation, journaling, letting go rituals, sharing with others, and a personalized natal chart reading.