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A musical instrument installation at Meow Wolf Convergence Station

One Person’s Trash is Another’s Masterpiece: Creating art out of garbage

Before throwing away that paper towel tube or foam packaging, think about what it could become with a little imagination. After all, one person’s trash can be another’s treasure, and the vehicle to make music, create art and even revamp into clothes. The idea of using found objects, aka trash, and turning them into something […]

Plates of Cuban food served at Cuba Cuba

Latin Loves: Savor the flavors of Latin cuisine at these local restaurants

¡Qué rico! How delicious is this food? While Colorado — once a part of Mexico — is awash in many restaurants that serve the recipes of our neighbor to the south, other Latin offerings are less well-represented. And though we will never, ever, ever say ‘no’ to an al pastor taco or a breakfast burrito […]

Women toast with wine glasses at a painting class

Get Your Girl On!

Fans of the television show “Parks and Recreation” know February 13 as Galentine’s Day — a celebration of all your favorite females filled with fun, food, and all the things ladies love. On Valentine’s Eve, or on any other day (like before catching The Secret Comedy of Women — Girls Only), here are some suggestions […]

A plate next to a full cup of beer at Nola Jane

Gumbo, Hush Puppies, Fried Chicken and More of Denver’s Southern Food

Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird is a quintessential Southern story, which means when seeing this show, you might be salivating for a taste of the South—grits, fried chicken, Creole spice, crawfish, catfish, and other classics that just evoke places like Alabama, where the story is set. Denver has a surprising abundance of Southern cuisine […]

A performance at the Colorado Shakespeare Festival

Getting the Jump on 2023: Great lineup of local culture

New year’s resolutions are no good unless you follow through, so if “adding more culture” was part of your list, we can help you stay committed. Get out your calendar and get ready to invite your friends: JANUARY Curious Theatre: Alma For those fortunate theatre aficionados who attended the DCPA Theatre Company’s 2020 Colorado New […]

Women wearing traditional African garments stand together during the Colorado Black Arts Festival

The Heart of Denver’s Black Culture: Five Points

If Denver’s Black culture has a heart, it is beating loud and strong in Five Points. Located at the intersection of 26th Avenue, 27th Street, Washington Street and Welton Street — four roads that create five vertices — is what was once known as “the Harlem of the West” for hosting jazz greats such as […]

An exhibit hall inside the Clyfford Still Museum

Denver’s Visual Art Scene

Art abounds in and around Denver, on the street, in galleries, hung on the walls of restaurants and inside the museums. With so many forms, it’s easy for those with an eye for visual creativity to find something new, thought provoking, or just plain cool to see. Juxtapose a romp around the local visual art […]

Flexible Schedules Boost Enrollment for DCPA Education

A study by Pew Research Center shows that a majority of Americans were able to find a personal silver lining in the pandemic. Many people noted that having more flexibility in their working schedules, remote or hybrid work environments, and the implementation of video meetings has allowed them to dedicate more time to personal activities. […]

People seated in the Lone Tree Arts Center theatre while a choir performs

Get To Know the Lone Tree Arts Center

Take a trip to Lone Tree to delight in a decade-old arts center built around the idea of independent theater, live music, and shows for people of all ages and abilities. Those are the key elements of the Lone Tree Arts Center (LTAC), which offers not only inexpensive tickets to children’s performances in order to […]

Children playing at the Children's Museum kitchen

Where and How To Boost Kids’ Imagination

Hand a kid a cardboard box and watch their imagination take over. Suddenly, this piece of trash becomes a race car, a rocket ship, a house for stuffed toys, or a turtle shell. Fuel that creative fire beyond the box by taking them places that not only let kids be kids, but offer means for […]