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The Frontier Drive-Inn sign, lit up at dusk. It reads 'In Movies We Trust.'

Drive-in Becomes drive-INN in San Luis Valley

When the first drive-in — the Camden Theater in Pennsauken, New Jersey — opened in 1933, movies with sound had only been around for six years. The popularity of these open-air cinemas spread slowly, but by the late 1950s there were more than 4,000 outdoor screens across the country. It was in this heyday that […]

SCFD: We Fund Culture

“WeFundCulture” isn’t just a hashtag. In the Denver metro area, it is entirely true to say, we fund culture. Beyond the tickets you buy for shows, theater, concerts, museums, festivals, dance and a host of other cultural events and experiences, our community dedicates specific tax dollars to supporting more than 300 cultural organizations. Through the […]

A woman on a zip line in the woods laughing

Your Wish Granted

While it’s nice to dream about finding a genie in a magical lamp and getting three wishes, chances are that won’t ever happen in this reality. However, there are plenty of organizations donning a genie cap and making modest dreams come true. True, these institutions don’t create princedoms, provide flying carpets or make mountains of […]

Rows of musicians playing the bagpipes wearing kilts

Irish Immigrants Left an Indelible Impact on Colorado’s Culture

Ireland’s Great Famine, which lasted from 1845 to 1852, was a powerful driver of immigration. Although two million refugees made the long sea journey during that time, they were neither the first nor last. It’s estimated that since 1820, more than six million Irish people have emigrated to the United Staes. Though present in Colorado […]

Explore Immersive Theatre at the 4th Annual Denver Fringe Festival

Perhaps Theater of the Mind was your first taste of immersive experiences or you may have been an early adopter when DCPA Off-Center launched in 2010/11 with The Ultimate Wii Baseball Game and Hip Hop Jambalaya. No matter your original entry point, you’re likely hooked…or soon will be. If you aren’t family with immersive experiences, […]

A fried chicken sandwich with a pouch of tater tots spilling on a Birdcall tray

8 Diverse Five Points Restaurants to Satisfy Your Palate

Miss Rhythm: The Legend of Ruth Brown – playing May 6 through October 15 at the Garner Galleria Theatre – encapsulates the life and times of R&B singer Ruth Brown as a symbol of resilience and a tour de force for African Americans in the music industry. Likewise, Denver’s Five Points area symbolizes African-American culture […]

A line of soldiers snowshoe down a mountain in Camp Hale

Skis, Slopes and Spies: Colorado’s Camp Hale

America’s newest national monument has an intriguing history. On August 22, 2022, President Joe Biden designated 53,804 acres of National Forest Service lands in Eagle County as the  Camp Hale – Continental Divide National Monument. Much is written about the site’s history as a military training ground in World War II; the locale also was […]

The five founders of IABD pose with their medal of the arts in the White House

IABD Receives 2023 National Medal of the Arts

The International Association of Blacks in Dance (IABD) was an idea hatched in 1988 by some of the country’s leading dance companies and artists to preserve and promote dance by people of African ancestry. Denver’s own Cleo Parker Robinson was one of the five founders of IABD who helped form and shape it into a […]

A group photo of five outlaws, the Wild Gang

Colorado’s Outlaws

Some of the world’s worst criminals reside at Florence’s supermax penitentiary , the nation’s most secure federal prison, including Mexican drug lord El Chapo, Al-Qaida cofounder Mamdouh Mahmud Salim and FBI agent-turned spy Robert P. Hanssen. But the Centennial state has its homegrown ‘heroes,’ as well. Running from the law is a time-honored Colorado tradition, and […]

A baker places rolled croissant dough onto a baking tray

Affordable French Restaurants in Denver

Thanks to Victor Hugo’s 1862 novel Les Misérables and the May 10-21 production of the musical at the Buell Theatre, we have classic French food on the brain. Think coq au vin, escargot, steak frites, beef Bourguignon, onion soup, delicate pastries and more. Bread too proves important to many French meals as it was to […]