A woman performs in front of a large crowd at Juneteenth Music Festival

Colorado’s Favorite Bands for Pop Music

A woman performs in front of a large crowd at Juneteenth Music Festival

Juneteenth Music Festival. Photo courtesy of Visit Denver

No other musical category can encompass as many sub-genres as the term “pop music.” Emerging in the 1950s, “pop music” appealed to mainstream, and can encompass everything from country to emo to classic rock-and-roll. And while modern pop stars like Taylor Swift fill concert hall with thousands of screaming fans, and command thousands of dollars per ticket, Colorado has a ton of tribute bands paying homage to some of the most popular of pop artists who’ve topped the charts for decades. Here are a few of the best cover artists in the area appearing at street fairs, small clubs, private events and plenty of other outlets. Catch them soon!

Hazel Miller & The Collective
For almost forty years, Hazel Miller and her crew of top-flight musicians have entertained audiences all along the Front Range. Belting out everything from Aretha Franklin to Fleetwood Mac, Miller and Co. always know exactly how to get people dancing and show their fans a good time.

With 13 members and plenty of energy, Longmont-based Funkiphino is a brass-heavy, get up and dance extravaganza perform their own covers along with hits from Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga and House of Pain.

The 3eatles
Playing the same guitars and amps that John, Paul, and George used while they were still playing tiny clubs, the members of Conifer-based quartet The 3eatles bring the Fab Four to life. And although the “real” Beatles broke up in 1970 after 70 years, The 3eatles have been going strong together since 2005.

My Old School
If yacht rock’s your thing, you won’t want to miss My Old School. No band brought the radio-friendly 70s rock vibe stronger than Steely Dan, and the eleven members of My Old School bring 46 of the iconic band’s tunes to life.

Start Making Sense
Art-school students David Byrne, Chris Frantz, and Tina Weymouth formed The Talking Heads and became a major force in American music, topping the charts with songs like “Burning Down The House” and “Psycho Killer.” While they aren’t based in Colorado, seven-piece tribute act Stop Making Sense often makes the scene around the Front Range.

Mr. Majestyk’s 8-Track Revival
Put on your jumpsuit and platform shoes and sing along with this no-hits-forgotten tribute band as they take you through the hottest hits of the 1970s. With fun costumes and wild antics, Mr. Majestyk (and his Cavalcade of All-Stars) are one of Colorado’s favorite party bands.

Anavrin’s Day
Disaffected 90s babies with love the alternative chart toppers covered by this Denver-based four-man band. From the Foo Fighters and Nirvana to Britney Spears and 3rd Eye Blind, you’ll be taken straight back to your Trapper Keepers.