A Homegrown Cinematic Triumph: Publish or Perish starring Tim McCracken

The magic of cinema lies in its ability to transport audiences to different worlds and its power to bring communities together. Denver may not have a film scene as famous as New York or LA, but recent tax incentives have attracted filmmakers to the state. Such is the case with Publish or Perish, a homegrown production starring Tim McCracken, Head of Acting at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts (DCPA) Education Department.

Tim McCracken

McCracken shared his journey from a childhood love of film to becoming a pivotal figure in the movie. “I remember seeing Ordinary People when I was 11,” he shared. “It was a profoundly moving experience that strengthened my love for the medium.”

This passion later led him to explore the world of on-camera acting. McCracken began booking several commercials and auditioning for television and film in New York, even scoring roles in a couple of episodes of “Law and Order.” When moving to Denver, he did a few other projects, ultimately culminating in his role as Jim Bowden in the film.

Publish or Perish itself encapsulates the unpredictability and complexity of life, inviting viewers to embark on a journey of twists and turns. The dark comedy follows a professor facing insurmountable pressure to meet tight deadlines while navigating his other relationships. Fixated on achieving tenure, Jim makes poor decisions and spirals out of control.

“One of the joys about this character is that his objective is so clear,” McCracken explains. “It drives him through the entire film.”

McCracken’s portrayal of Jim Bowden showcases the actor’s profound understanding of the role and the power of a well-crafted script. The portrayal reflects the actor’s expertise in bringing to life intricate characters using imagination and exploration.

Tim McCracken in Publish or Perish

Beyond its narrative, the film has united Colorado’s creative community, reflecting the importance of fostering and celebrating local talent.

Directed by David Liban, Head of Film at CU Denver, the film features recognizable local actors, including Anastasia Davidson (Allison Bowden), Amie MacKenzie (real estate agent), and up-and-coming young actors Bonnie Utter (Amy Bowden) and Nick James (Alex Delmonico).

By bringing together actors, crew members, and artists across the state, Publish or Perish has fostered collaboration and camaraderie. In discussing the film’s influence on the local community, McCracken underlines the potential of independent cinema to stimulate economic growth within Colorado.

“In the same way the DCPA has an economic impact on local businesses, so does this film,” McCracken explained. “By bringing filmmakers to the state, it provides a need in hospitality, restaurants, and catering – an enormous potential for an economic boost and awareness of the state.”

As Publish or Perish graces the screens, it serves as a reminder of the value of fostering local talent within Colorado’s film landscape. McCracken’s insights echo the sentiment of many local artists who recognize the untapped potential for film to grow within the state. By supporting local films, whether through festivals or screenings, audiences can play an integral role in nurturing the artistic heartbeat of Colorado and ensuring that homegrown talent continues to flourish.

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