Space Out in Colorado With These Star-Studded Experiences

With the launching of DCPA Off-Center’s Space Explorers: THE INFINITE in February, our head is in the sky, past the clouds, beyond Earth’s ozone and out into orbit. Yes, we’re talking all things space and the joys that diving into the unknown can bring. In honor of this new, interactive experience, here are more ways to learn about the planets, seek out the stars and make the universe your playground.


Space Explorers: THE INFINITE
The Hangar, 2501 Dallas St., Aurora

Space Odyssey at DMNS. Photo courtesy of 303 Magazine

Starting February 3 and through May 5, Stanley Marketplace will host Space Explorers: THE INFINITE, an immersive experience featuring 360-degree videos of space. Inspired by NASA missions, the larger-than-life journey covers the spaceship, astronauts and the universe beyond our humble planet. Not only can viewers get a taste of life aboard a space station, but also learn how the machines work, what astronauts do, and facts surrounding the glory of space.

Space Odyssey
2001 Colorado Blvd., Denver

At the Denver Museum of Nature and Science visit Space Odyssey, an interactive exhibit dedicated to space and space-related things. Explore how the Mars rovers work and figure out how to steer without gravity. Learn about our moon and see how craters are created. Take a trip around the universe with the VR Transporter, and/or see stars in the planetarium. Younger guests will enjoy the fantasy spaceship, a spot to crawl, touch, listen, and enjoy. Best part, before entering you walk through a dark chamber filled with stars.

Wings Over the Rockies
7711 E. Academy Blvd., Denver

Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum

Wings Over the Rockies may feature a lot of aircraft, but it also hosts Mission Aerospace, an all-ages display showcasing the mysteries of space, inside a maze-like adventure. Explore the history of flight, space and eclipses through hands-on exhibits, building rockets and conducting experiments. Plus, you’ll also see an Apollo Moon rock, a display of Colorado’s astronauts, missiles and (for fun!) a Star Wars X-Wing Fighter.

Space Foundation Discovery Center
4425 Arrowswest Drive, Colorado Springs

While under renovation and not currently open, the Space Foundation Discovery Center should be on your radar when it launches anew in spring 2024. Located in Colorado Springs, inside guests will find information, exhibits, space artifacts and more, just perfect for anyone interested in the great beyond. The venue is also home to the Lockheed Martin Space Education Center and the Northrop Grumman Science Center.


Chamberlin Observatory
2930 E. Warren Ave., Denver

Photo courtesy of the Chamberlin Observatory

Chamberlin Observatory has been showing earthlings the stars for over 120 years, and anyone interested can get a chance to look through the 20-inch refracting telescope. Run by the  Department of Physics and Astronomy, the observatory is located nearby in Observatory Park off East Warren Avenue and South Fillmore Street in Denver. The public nights are hosted by the Denver Astronomical Society and take place throughout the year. Check out the schedule online and make sure to register, there are limited spots that sell out well in advance.

Sommers-Bausch Observatory
2475 Kittredge Loop Dr., Boulder

In Boulder stargazers can book a time at the Sommers-Bausch Observatory, located on the University of Colorado campus. The venue hosts free open houses most Friday nights, starting around 8pm but only when the skies are clear. To double check if the observatory is open, check on social media or call 303.492.2020 after 7:45pm. Hosted by the school’s Department of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences, sessions last anywhere from one to three hours, and there are five super telescopes to peer through.


Fiske Planetarium
2414 Regent Dr., Boulder

Photo courtesy of Fiske Planetarium

Head to the University of Colorado’s Fiske Planetarium in Boulder for a night under the digital stars. Located right on the campus, the planetarium offers over 18 full-dome shows, five star shows, around 12 liquid sky and laser fantasy music shows, space talks, special NASA events and more. It’s the place to be for any star loving kid or adult. Bonus: For real star gazing check out the Sommers-Bausch Observatory, located right next door.

Gates Planetarium
2001 Colorado Blvd., Denver

The first iteration of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science’s planetarium opened around the 1950s, and has since expanded and modernized, continuing to wow visitors. Programs vary, including current offerings such as Destination Solar System, the kid-geared One World, One Sky hosted by Sesame Street, Black Holes: The Other Side of Infinity, and Dynamic Earth, which is narrated by Liam Neeson.


We may be grounded on Earth, but that doesn’t mean kids can’t pretend to take off to the stars through play. In fact, Colorado boasts a handful of space-themed playgrounds perfect for this sort of make believe.

Star Meadows Park

Ralston Valley Park 
13785 W. 68th Dr., Arvada

Start out at Ralston Valley Park in Arvada. Here, find a space-themed playground with giant slides great for kids of all ages.

Scott Carpenter Park
1505 30th St., Boulder

At Scott Carpenter Park in Boulder there’s a giant rocket to climb in. It’s best for adventurous kids that like to climb high and aren’t afraid to climb down.

Star Meadows
Flatiron Meadown Blvd., Erie

Between Denver and Boulder is Star Meadows, located off Flatiron Meadows Boulevard in Erie. Here you’ll find a giant moon rock to climb on that also has misters, as well as a bouncy swing to mimic the moon’s lack of gravity.

Quail Crossing Park 
13402 Kalamath St., Westminster

Then in Westminster you’ll find Quail Crossing Park, which has a large play shuttle, “space kid” ladders, and a super long slide.

6805 W 88th Ave., Westminster

Indoor space play can be found at KidSpace where the whole venue is themed with planets, stars, rockets and even a child-sized planetarium.

Colorado Mills Mall
14500 W Colfax Ave., Lakewood

Another great place for the little ones is Colorado Mills Mall, which has a Mars-themed play area hosted by the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, located near the Carters store.

No matter how you choose to explore the heavens here on Earth, Colorado has plenty of fun and educational ways to do so.