Video: Talking 'Appoggiatura' with James Still and Risa Brainin

Appoggiatura_Video_Interview_800The world premiere of the play Appoggiatura will be performed Jan. 16 through Feb. 22 in the Ricketson Theatre. It’s a sun-drenched romance about love, loss, and a broken family re-living the past and healing their hearts in Venice. Followed by a violin-playing Vivaldi, a charming but bogus Italian tour guide accompanies a widow and a bereaved middle-aged man who both mourn for the same person while a granddaughter questions her future.

Appoggiatura is a Denver Center commission by three-time Pulitzer Prize finalist James Still, who In this video talks with director Risa Brainin about the play, and staging it in Denver. When it debuted as a reading at the  2014 Colorado New Play Summit, the word that came up most in response to it was “sweet.” 

“And I think it takes enormous courage right now to approach a new play with that kind of deeply sweet quality,” says Still, “because it is risky.”

The plays that have been selected to be read at the 2015 Summit will be announced Monday, Oct. 20.

“I can’t imagine any writer not wanting to have a play premiere at the DCPA,” says Still. “That’s just an incredible honor.”

For ticket information to Appoggiatura, go to Video by John Moore.

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