Caryn & Roger Hill

Caryn is a severe weather photographer with an equine twist. Shooting lightning is her first favorite thing to photograph with photographing equine shows a very close second. Her photography passion has been alive since the early 80s with her main focus at that time to be landscape photography. She married into the severe weather passion and has witnessed over 300 tornadoes to date. She prefers to include a human element with her images as she feels it has more of an impact on the viewer. Her equine images have been viewed nation-wide through magazine ads. She covers several equine events at the National Western each year.

Roger has been chasing storms for over 30 years and is the current Guinness World Records holder for witnessing the most tornadoes (over 700!) by any person in the history of mankind. He has been featured on over 50 television programs concerning severe storms, from NOVA’s “Hunt for the Super Twister”, National Geographic’s “Twister Tours” and Twister Chasers”, several Discovery Channel programs, The Weather Channel’s “Storm Stories” and “Full Force Nature”, Travel Channel’s “Tornado Alley USA” and about every network in the US. Together with his wife Caryn Hill they own and run Silver Lining Tours storm chasing tour company.