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Help us ensure theatre thrives for generations to come.

Generations of families have enjoyed programs and productions at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. Through a planned gift, members of the Encore Society are making sure that future generations can enjoy the same magical experience.

The Encore Society was created to honor and recognize our friends who have made a thoughtful commitment to ensuring the future of the DCPA. There are many ways to do this. Some have named DCPA in their will. Others have named the Denver Center as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, IRA, or charitable trust. A variety of options exist. We would love to help you discover how easy this can be. 

As you make long-term financial plans with your family, including your estate plans, please consider the DCPA. You will be making a lasting impression on future generations, who will be guaranteed the thrill of the theatre for years to come.

And when you include us in your estate plans, you will be inducted into our Encore Society of donors. Encore Society members receive recognition (if so desired) and are invited to be involved in our plans for each season as well as the long-term goals at a special event every year.

To learn more about giving ideas to become a member of the Encore Society, please contact us at 303.572.4594.


Charitable Bequest

By including us in your Will or Living Trust, you create a gift today that DCPA will receive when your estate is settled.  Several types of bequests are available:

  • Percentage: As your estate appreciates, today’s bequest has greater impact in the future.
  • Specific assets or amount: Determine an exact dollar amount or asset.

Charitable Gift Annuity

Make a gift today and you (and another person, if desired) will receive fixed payments for life, which you can never outlive. The payments can begin now or at a later date that you choose.  The rates are attractive and you will be eligible for tax benefits, too.

Charitable Remainder Trust

In the right situation, a charitable remainder trust can provide powerful financial, tax,and estate planning benefits. You donate assets into the trust you create for the eventual benefit of the DCPA. In the interim, the trust pays income to you and/or your designated income beneficiaries. You receive tax benefits, too.    

Charitable Lead Trust

A charitable lead trust can provide support for the DCPA for a period of time you determine. You donate assets into the trust you create. After the trust’s term is over, it transfers assets to your heirs with little or no estate or gift tax. 

Retained Life Estate

Donate a personal residence or farm to us and retain the right to occupy it for the rest of your life. Receive tax benefits today.

 One-Time Gift

Some people prefer to make a current donation this year.  Typically, gifts of cash or appreciated assets are most appropriate. You’ll be eligible for current tax benefits lowering the net cost of your gift.

Retirement Plan

One of the tax-smartest planned gifts you can make involves your IRAs and retirement plans.  You can name the DCPA as a beneficiary of all or portion of these accounts. To include the DCPA, simply request a “beneficiary change” form from your retirement plan custodian, complete the form and return it according to the instructions provided.

Life Insurance

You can name the DCPA as the beneficiary of a new or existing life insurance policy. This gives you the flexibility to change your mind at anytime in the future should your needs change. 

You also may name us as owner and beneficiary of a policy and be eligible for current tax benefits.

* Revocable Gift: By naming DCPA in your will, living trust or as a beneficiary of your retirement plan, you can protect yourself against an uncertain future. Should you need these assets, they are available for you. If not, your gift will come to us after your lifetime.

Get Started

Discuss your giving options with your financial planner or contact us at 303.572.4594.

“As patrons of the DCTC since its inception we know how valuable the organization is to our local community. In recent years we have seen the Theatre Company’s fine reputation grow well beyond Colorado’s borders. We take pride in adding our applause in the form of monetary gifts to help assure that this recognition for quality productions of classics, and support for brave new work continues.” 
—  Diana and Mike Kinsey