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Our daytime, evening and weekend acting classes fit into every schedule and are offered year-round to make sure everyone has an opportunity to learn.


Introduction to Acting

Do you want to act, but aren't sure where to start? This six-week class is designed specifically for the beginning actor and will teach you the fundamentals of the craft. The class highlights quick and powerful ways to make your performance natural and spontaneous. Discover the building blocks of acting through improvisation, theatre exercises and character work. Outside prep time may be required. 8 student minimum, 14 maximum.

6 sessions • $230 • 2 hr class time
(Choose one of the four days listed)

Mon • Jan 22 – Mar 5 (no class Feb 12) • 6:30 - 8:30pm • Matthew Schneck

Tue • Jan 16 – Feb 20 • 6:30 - 8:30pm • Tom McNally

Wed • Jan 17 – Feb 21 • 12 - 2pm • Justin Walvoord

Thu • Jan 18 – Feb 22 • 6:30 – 8:30pm • Heather Hughes


Approaching A Play: The Craft of Acting

Has Introduction to Acting gotten you excited to learn new skills with more challenging material? Deepen your acting technique through skill-building exercises while learning core elements of text analysis using material by world-class playwrights. Gain the tools to delve into your character, understand the complexities of the scene and become an active part in the journey of a play as a whole. 8 student minimum, 12 maximum.

6 sessions • $230 • 2 hr class time
Sat • Jan 20 - Feb 24 • 10am - 12pm • Timothy McCracken


Prerequisite: Introduction to Acting


The Actor's Process: Tablework

What is the expectation of character and interpretation within the first read-through? What is the point of tablework? How do both aspects, early in the rehearsal process, inform character choice, relationship development, and communication between director and actor? Discover working definitions and processes for script analysis as you spend each session reading plays aloud in active roundtable discussions. Even if you're not a performer, those who want to approach classic and contemporary plays from a literary perspective (or those who share their lives with actors) this class will also offer insight. Outside reading time is required.

6 sessions • $275 • 2.5 hr class time
Mon • Jan 22 - Feb 26 • 6:30 - 9pm • Patrick Elkins-Zeglarski



Scene Study I

After you've gotten a handle on the fundamentals of acting, keep building on those skills with Scene Study I. Continue discovering and exploring key elements of text analysis and characterization while working on scenes from theatre's best playwrights. Take creative risks in a supportive environment and watch them pay off! Outside rehearsal time is required. 8 student minimum, 12 maximum.

6 sessions • $300 • 3 hr class time
(Choose one of the two days listed)

Tue • Jan 16 - Feb 20 • 6:30 - 9:30pm • Tara Falk

Thu • Jan 18 - Feb 22 • 6:30 - 9:30pm • Jeff Roark

Prerequisite: Introduction to Acting


Scene Study II: All in the Timing – The Comedy of David Ives

David Ives has been described as "the maestro of the short form," "a master of language" and "wizardly, magical and funny." His plays are a delightful challenge for actors to work on. This class will focus on specificity of physical choice, timing and rhythm, language, and text work. Come explore the delightful and sometimes twisted worlds created by this unique American playwright.

8 sessions • $330 • 3 hr class time
Mon • Jan 8 - Mar 5 (no class Jan 15) • 6:30 - 9:30pm • Kate Gleason


Prerequisite: Introduction to Acting & Scene Study I or instructor approval. Please inquire at


Advanced Acting: Martin McDonagh's Wild Worlds

Martin McDonagh has blessed the theatre with dark comedies surrounding familial relationships, violence and chaos, peppering them with adept humor and dialogue that are incredibly unique and powerful. Explore this Irish playwright's worlds and experience the sharp turns of emotion and action that pervade the characters' lives. Dialect work will be encouraged. 8 student minimum, 12 maximum.

8 sessions • $330 • 3 hr class time
Tue • Jan 9 - Feb 27 • 6:30 - 9:30pm • Anthony Powell


8 sessions • $330 • 3 hr class time
Thu • Jan 11 - Mar 1 • 6:30 - 9:30pm • Anthony Powell


Prerequisites: Scene Study I & II, or instructor approval. Please inquire at


Shakespeare's Text

Get ready to tackle your next Shakespeare play or audition. You'll focus on techniques to break his text apart and fearlessly explore both verse and prose. Class will include scene work, soliloquy and monologue work. Learn from one of Colorado's premier Shakespearean actors as you engage with and activate the text of The Bard. 8 student minimum, 14 maximum.

8 sessions • $275 • 2 hr class time
Sat • Jan 6 - Feb 24 • 10am - 12pm • Geoffrey Kent


Prerequisites: Introduction to Acting & Scene Study I or instructor approval. Please inquire at


Advanced Auditioning: Get Ready for the Generals

Get prepared for the Denver area General Auditions in April (including DCPA Theatre Company generals) with this master class designed to help you compete at a professional level. Explore all aspects of the audition process with two of Denver's major theatre and casting pros as they make your materials shine with hands-on text work and coaching. Leave the class with two polished monologues, as well as focused work on headshots and resumes, do's and don'ts, intros and transitions. 8 student minimum, 14 maximum.

8 sessions • $275 • 2 hr class time
Sat • Jan 13 – Mar 3 • 10am - 12pm (Feb 24 class 9 – 11am) • Sylvia Gregory and Sam Gregory

Prerequisites: Must have DCPA Education or Instructor approval. Please submit head shot and resume to


Introduction to Improv

Want to learn how to perform on the spot? Work with local improv creator and performer Jessica Austgen as she introduces and reinforces the basics of improvisation. Designed for all experience levels, discover how to loosen up, be more spontaneous and take risks on stage. Using group activities and improvised scene work, students will create a rich, supportive environment for spontaneity, making strong choices and increasing confidence. See why improv is a trend that keeps on growing! 8 student minimum, 14 maximum.

6 sessions • $230 • 2 hr class time
Sat • Jan 13 - Feb 17 • 10am - 12pm • Jessica Austgen



Advanced Improv

Ready to take your acting and improv skills to the next level? Join this advanced improvisation class where you will focus on scene work, characters and engaging in the moment. Learn to craft improvised plays complete with character arcs and discovered connections. Students will explore and gain mastery in creating successful scenes while using classic improv forms such as The Harold, Armando, and La Ronde. Develop dynamic stories and characters and watch them come to life on the spot. 8 student minimum, 14 maximum.

6 sessions • $230 • 2 hr class time
Wed • Jan 17 - Feb 21 • 6:30 - 8:30pm • Brian McManus


Prerequisite: Intro to Improv or instructor approval. Please inquire at


Voice and Speech for the Actor

Discover how the mechanics of your voice and the intricacies of speech relate to effective communication. Harness the power of your voice through inflection, rhythm, tempo, breath support and articulation. Focus your energy and increase your ability to project in a safe, relaxed way. This is an essential class for all actors, including those interested in voice over work. 8 student minimum, 14 maximum.

6 sessions • $230 • 2 hr class time
Sat • Jan 13 - Feb 17 • 10am - 12pm • Jeffrey Parker



The Art of Movement: Low-Flying Trapeze and Releasing

Feel the freedom of flight as you learn low-flying trapeze techniques. Explore principles of the Skinner Releasing Technique through guided imagery, an approach that is exceptionally effective for actors. Try a new way to free your body and discover a new and unlimited form. Wear long sleeves and prepare to get a good workout! 8 student minimum, 14 maximum.

8 sessions • $275 • 2 hr class time
Mon • Jan 8 - Mar 5 (no class Jan 15) • 6:30 - 8:30pm • Steven Cole Hughes



Stage Combat: Blade Play

For big drama in tight spaces, the combination of knife play and hand-to-hand combat is key. This intensive stage combat course will cover all of the techniques needed to sell a knife fight to an audience, from menacing thrusts to disarms and brutal "kills." You'll also get a primer in hand-to-hand combat, paying particular attention to partnering, safety and connecting the physical action to your character and text. Class will conclude by performing a fight within a scene for the Society of American Fight Director's Skills Proficiency Test (SPT) in knife play. An SPT is an excellent certification for an actor, director or teacher's growing resume.

9 sessions • $375 + $50 optional SAFD skills proficiency test fee
3 hr class time • Sat • Mar 3 - Apr 28 (Certification Sun Apr 29) • 10am - 1pm • Geoffrey Kent
No experience necessary!



Acting on Camera I

Do you have a burning desire to work in film and television, but are intimidated by being in front of a camera? What do you do when the red light goes on? Get ready to approach the work when the director calls, "Action!" Learn to apply basic acting techniques to on-camera skills, build confidence in front of the camera and pursue film work in your local market. 8 student minimum, 12 maximum.

6 sessions • $330 • 3 hr class time
Mon • Jan 22 - Mar 5 (no class Feb 12) • 6:30 - 9:30pm • Kirkaldy Myers



Acting on Camera II

After building your confidence and ease on camera in Acting on Camera I, dive more fully into the technical and creative side of the on-camera medium. Utilizing current TV and film scripts, you will work with scene partners to create work that is truly in the moment, featuring extreme close-ups, reaction shots and more. 8 student minimum, 12 maximum.

6 sessions • $330 • 3 hr class time
Mon • Jan 22 – Mar 5 (no class Feb 12) • 6:30 - 9:30pm • Brian Landis Folkins


Prerequisite: Acting On Camera I or instructor approval. Please inquire at


Advanced On Camera Master Class

Seize this opportunity to work on a completed film script, both in studio and on location in Denver! While the intent is to complete the filming of the project, you'll also focus on an actor's process throughout the shoot on a film set. Students will be cast in role(s) once the material has been finalized. All students will take part in every aspect of filming, from acting and camera work to sound, slating and more. 8 student minimum, 14 maximum.

12 sessions • $395 • 3 hr class time
Wed & Thu • Jan 17 - Feb 22 • 6:30 - 9:30pm Timothy McCracken and Brian Shea


Prerequisites: Acting on Camera I and II, or instructor approval. Please inquire at


Commercial Voice Over I

Is your voice your favorite asset? Step up to the mic and learn the basics of the radio and television voice over industry. Analyze and activate commercial copy, take direction constructively and increase your versatility. Learn about demos, agents, auditions and the voice over market to get going. You'll even get to work in a professional recording studio during your final class. 10 student minimum, 12 maximum.

6 sessions • $275 • 2.5 hr class time
(Choose one of the two days listed)

Tue • Jan 16 - Feb 20 • 6 - 8:30pm • Martha Harmon Pardee

Thu • Jan 18 - Feb 22 • 6 - 8:30pm • Mare Trevathan


Dialects for the Actor: Irish

Learn the basics of the Standard Irish Stage Dialect through scenes from plays and film while sampling a few of the other regional dialects in the region. We emphasize learning a dialect through multiple vocal elements that include resonance, sound quality, rhythm and articulation. We'll also address breathing, alignment, and movement as it relates to the dialect. You'll have a great time and leave with a convincing accent. Try pairing this class with Advanced Acting: Martin McDonagh's Wild Worlds. 8 student minimum, 14 maximum.

6 sessions • $225 • 2 hr class time
Wed • Jan 24 - Feb 28 • 6:30 - 8:30pm • Jennifer Thomas



Playwriting Lab

Seize the opportunity to start a play or continue to develop a play you've been working on. Designed for the work of beginning and ongoing playwrights, the Lab will focus on developing character, dialogue and moving the story forward through plot and structure. Your work will be regularly read to help development, and in the last class, actors will read selections of your play for you to hear, enjoy and learn from. 8 student minimum, 12 maximum.

7 sessions • $315 • 3 hr class time
Tue • Jan 16 – Feb 27 • 6:30 - 9:30pm • Kelly McAllister



The Craft of Screenplay

Everything we see in the movie theater, on television and streamed online begins with a screenplay. Crafting one requires an understanding of the visual narrative and the techniques used to "show" a story rather than "tell" a story. This introductory class will focus on proper use of the screenplay form and how one develops the visual narrative using the story principals of character, plot and tone. Over the course of 7 weeks, you'll work on creating a first draft of a short screenplay (12-20 pages), culminating in a readings by actors in the final class. 8 student minimum, 12 maximum.

7 sessions • $315 • 3 hr class time
Tue • Jan 16 - Feb 27 • 6:30 - 9:30pm • Michael Catlin




DCPA One-Act Play Festival
(Plays To Be Announced)
Directed by Allison Watrous, Patrick Elkins-Zeglarski and Timothy McCracken
Auditions: Wed, Mar 7, 6 - 8pm & Thu, Mar 8, 6 - 7pm; Callbacks 7 - 8pm
Rehearsals: Mar 12 – Mar 26 (Evenings and Saturday Afternoons TBD). No rehearsals Friday and Sundays.
Performances: Thu, Mar 29 - Sat, Mar 31 • 7:30pm

Join us for the first One-Act Play Festival in the DCPA's Education Department. Three different worlds will be realized in different environments in the building, with all three plays performed nightly in our culmination. Each actor will be cast in one play, and outside study will be an important part of this process.

For the audition, prepare one contemporary monologue. Also, be prepared for cold readings. Bring a headshot and current resume. Email to set up an audition time.

Two previous DCPA Education classes or workshops required to audition.
The Master Class Project is funded through the Lewis Myers Scholarship Fund.

Don't have time to commit to classes with multiple sessions? Try a workshop for a lesson in less time.


Improvisation: Viola Spolin's Direct Experience

Join in this unique opportunity to explore Viola Spolin's concept of Direct Experience. Spolin, considered to be the mother of modern improvisation, created improvisation activities to strengthen the actor's ability to stay in the moment. This workshop, using improvisatory play and scene work, will explain and incorporate Spolin's Five Obstacles to a Direct Experience. The workshop's active and engaging activities will help you hone and sharpen the skills of giving and receiving information.

8 student minimum, 16 maximum.
1 session • $60 • 3 hr class time
Sat • Jan 27 • 1 - 4 pm • Kerstin Caldwell


All levels welcome!


Advanced Acting Workshop: 5 Minute Max

Get an opportunity to receive feedback and adjustments on a fully rehearsed and prepared scene of your choice. You will be challenged to dig in and realize a scene to your fullest capacity without previous instruction. Material is completely in your hands, but must be no more than 5 minutes in length and must be from a published play. Be prepared to receive specific, detailed and direct feedback from this team of theatre professionals. This workshop will accept applications for enrollment and a maximum of 12 students will be accepted. Scene partners will be assigned via random lottery pick.

1 session • Free • 3.5 hr class time
Mon • Mar 19 • 6 – 9:30pm • Sabin Epstein, Kate Gleason, Timothy McCracken, Allison Watrous
Advanced Acting level class and/or instructor approval. Please inquire at This workshop is funded through the Lewis Myers Scholarship Fund.


Build Your Own Home Voice Over Studio

If you've taken voice acting classes and you are ready to begin recording, stake out a setup of your own. Learn how to turn a closet or corner into a recording space, choose an appropriate microphone and other gear, and use an audio app to prepare a typical voice over audition. Emphasis will be placed on affordable DIY options, including some resources you might already have. Don't miss this opportunity to take the next step in your voice over hobby or career. 8 student minimum, 16 maximum.

1 Session • $60 • 3 hr class time
Sat • Feb 17 • 1 - 4pm • Rick Reid



Killing the Joke

Become a master joke-teller and slay your audience. Explore how to execute the perfect joke using tried-and-true theatrical methods mixed with a splash of science. Whether you're a professional actor looking to sharpen your craft or just hoping to be the life of your next office party, this class is for anyone who wishes to stretch their comedic range and always get a laugh. 8 student minimum, 14 maximum.

1 session • $60 • 3 hr class time
Mon • Feb 26 • 6:30 - 9:30pm • Michael Bouchard



Public Speaking for Business Professionals Intensive: Execute with Excellence

Polish your presentation skills to deliver your ideas in a clear, efficient and powerful way. This highly individualized class will capitalize on your strengths, address your challenges and non-verbal aspects, and explore prosody and text to maximize your effectiveness. You'll learn to control nerves and overcome common fears as you gain skills to make you more effective and competitive in your career. 8 student minimum, 14 maximum.

1 session • $100 • 3 hr class time
Tue • Feb 20 • 6 - 9pm • Hilary Blair


DCPA Education Summer Classes
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“DaVita is proud to support the DCPA, which truly embodies the values of innovation and creativity — keeping the arts alive in distinctive ways to inspire a new generation of leaders. DCPA’s commitment to arts education is truly inspirational, and DaVita is grateful for its commitment to this community.”