Playwright Kirsten Potter smiles while seated in the audience

17 Accents by 5 Actors? Rubicon Dialects

In the Denver Center Theatre Company’s production of Rubicon, five actors take the stage to tell the story of seductive espionage agent Betty Pack. Her missions take her across countries and continents, from Madrid to Warsaw to Washington. The result? 17 accents can be heard through the two acts, not only to transport audiences to different regions, but it is also a helpful device to differentiate the characters (played by the same actors in different scenes). Rubicon‘s Voice and Dialect Coach Kathryn G. Maes worked closely with the actors for accuracy and clarity. Each one was uniquely crafted and is flawlessly executed. Listen in to get a sample before seeing the show!

Feb 9 – March 17, 2024 · Kilstrom Theatre