Add live theatre to your Denver Halloween festivities

Halloween theatre. Photo: Seph Hamilton as Edgar Allan Poe (by Olga Lopez)
Your Halloween theatregoing options include Ignite Theatre’s ‘Nevermore: The Imaginary Life and Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe.’ Pictured above: Seph Hamilton as Edgar Allan Poe, and his famous raven. Photo by Olga Lopez.

By McKenzie Kielman
For the DCPA NewsCenter

The candy is stocked on the grocery-store shelves and pumpkins are beginning to line the doorsteps. Children are ready to commence with their post trick-or-treat sugar-comas.  Teenagers are finding their fix for fright at haunted houses. The Halloween festivities, however, are not exclusive to the young. There are plenty of Halloween-themed live theatre experiences available for the adults. Here are a few scary theatregoing options to add to your party plans. 

1 PerspectivesBug Theatre’s Night of the Living Dead, Live (with Paper Cat Films)
Halloween theatre 2With the premise of seven people cornered inside a farmhouse by zombies, the tension is going to grow in the house along with their appetite for flesh. This is the Bug Theatre’s 8th Annual seasonal live presentation of Night of the Living Dead. A fun twist has been added this year with the added theme of “Urban Legends.”  Throughout the on-stage adaption of George Romero’s 1968 horror film, there will be added visitors from Halloween classics, such as the hook hand, the babysitter, Bloody Mary and more.
Through Oct. 29
3654 Navajo St.
Meet Joseph Graves from Night of the ‘Living Dead’
Photo courtesy The Bug Theatre

2 PerspectivesAurora Fox’s Dracula
Halloween theatre 3This musical, based off the 1897 gothic horror novel, follows the vampire Dracula as he seeks fresh blood. This is how we got the notion that crucifixes can somehow ward off vampires. Find other ways this classic tale has influenced our perception of the iconic Halloween creature of Dracula. Set in Europe at the end of the Victorian Age and set to a thrilling score, this production will be a beast unto itself.
Through Nov. 6
9900 E. Colfax Ave.
Read the Aurora Sentinel review
Photo: Leonard E. Barrett Jr. as Dracula (by Christine Fisk)

3 PerspectivesIgnite Theatre’s Nevermore: The Imaginary Life and Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe
Gain new insight into the man and literary legend from his childhood, personal tragedies, love life, and journey of self-discovery. Edgar Allen Poe’s life work as a poet is put to a musical score that digs deep into who the man behind the bizarre, but classic, stories. Note: This production is being staged at the Crossroads Theatre, making it Ignite’s first show since 2009 not to be presented at the Aurora Fox Theatre.
Oct. 21-Nov. 13
At the Crossroads Theatre, 2590 Washington St.
Listen to musical excerpts of the show

4 PerspectivesDCPA Theatre Company’s Frankenstein
Halloween theatre 4Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, which turns 200 years old this year, tells the classic story of a young scientist who attempts to create life from parts of exhumed corpse parts remains the same, but with an added theatrical twist:  he actors who play the two lead roles, Victor Frankenstein (the scientist) and The Creature, switch every performance.  Come twice and see how differently these characters can be portrayed.
Oct. 7-30
Stage Theatre, Denver Performing Arts Complex, 14th and Curtis streets
Westword calls Frankenstein a ‘monster hit’
Photo: Sullivan Jones (by Adams VisCom)

5 PerspectivesStageDoor Theatre’s The Rocky Horror Show
Halloween theatre 1This tribute to rock and roll, science fiction and horror “B” movies tells the story of ordinary meets extraordinary.  Newly engaged couple Brad and Janet get their world shaken by Dr. Frank ‘n Furter and his full house of odd Transylvanians. For all those looking for the perfect man, this might be the place. The doctor’s newest creation is named Rocky, the perfectly crafted muscle-man.  
Oct. 7-22
27357 Conifer Road

McKenzie Kielman is a sophomore at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa, and is an intern this semester for the DCPA NewsCenter. Contact her at

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