A woman holds her dog in front of the CATS show poster

Cats of the Cats Cast

A woman holds her dog in front of the CATS show poster

Michelle E. Carter and her dog Daisy

Say “cats of the Cats cast” three times fast and you might be chasing your own tail. Andrew Lloyd Webber filled his alley with more than two dozen cats, but they aren’t the only beloved felines around. Meet the cats (and dogs) of Cats cast members as well as some local Cats-inspired pets.


Michelle E. Carter (Jennyanydots) and her dog Daisy

“After not growing up with pets, my family recently got Daisy and has fallen in love! She is a 4 1/2-month-old mini golden doodle puppy, and her favorite toy is any dirty laundry you’ve left on the floor (she runs through the house with it). If Daisy were a character in Cats, she would 100% be Sillabub. Like Sillabub, she has the most lovable, trusting demeanor. She’s also just SO stinkin’ cute and playful!”

A woman sits on the floor while petting a dog and a cat

Elana Valastro with her dog, Morgan, and cat, Asia

Elana Valastro (Swing) with her dog Morgan and cat Asia

“This is Morgan (dog) and Asia (cat). Asia is the queen of the household; she insists that you pet her, and if you stop petting her for any reason she will lick and nip at your hand until you continue petting her. I think she is similar to Jennyanydots in the way that she seems to laze around but still has a very commanding presence!”


Floyd The Lion

Floyd The Lion™ is a Persian cat with a lion heart. He is a master of the art of living and is always eager to explore his Colorado surroundings, mainly in his own home or neighborhood. Floyd was born September 23, 2013. Floyd had the pleasure of meeting the cast of Cats during the last engagement. Floyd would probably play Old Deuteronomy because he’s soooo fluffy and wise. WATCH

Floyd the cat sits in a box on a countertop

Floyd The Lion

Simon Yosh the Adventure Cat AND Rio the Adventure Cat

Simon Yosh is the adventure cat. Simon kayaks, swims, rock climbs, hikes… all the Colorado things. Check him out: @Backpackingkitty

Rio too takes in all Colorado has to offer. Fun fact, Rio is half American and half Swedish. Check him out: @adventurrio

Rio and Simon may not have the same pet parents, but based on their shared interests, they would play Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer.


A black cat looks up at the camera

MacCavity at MaxFund

MacCavity at MaxFund

MaxFund has their very own MacCavity, so he’s ready for the show! MacCavity meowed: “I was brought to the shelter in 2016 when my owner could no longer give me the care I need. I am a very sweet boy who loves to cuddle and play but I also have an ornery side. I would love a forever home where I can get all the attention I need with an added bonus of a sunny window! I do have some medical needs, so I would need to go to a home with a person willing to love me through all my uniqueness. You see, I use my box, but sometimes I have an issue emptying my bladder completely so I may dribble at times. If you have a patio or a space that you are not concerned about keeping Martha Stewart perfect, bring me home today!” ADOPT

Shadow (aka “Victoria”)

A large cat is splayed out on the floor to nap

Shadow at PawsCo

Shadow is beautiful, poised and full of compassion. In her own meows: “Hello, my dears. My name is Shadow, and I’m the most beautiful, most gentle gal. I’m looking for a loving, quiet home where I can be completely adored for my golden years. I instantly start purring when my foster parents pet me, and I will just sit by their side and lean in for all the love. I have an easy-going energy overall and I like to just find my favorite napping spots around the house. I prefer humans most and don’t really enjoy the company of other animals so a place where I can be queen bee. I’m also in really good health for a senior gal!” ADOPT

Loki (aka “Mr. Mistoffolees”)

Loki already has her makeup done to play Mr. Mistoffolees. She isn’t shy to show you what a sweetheart she is. She’ll go where you go and talk to you in sweet little chirps when she wants your attention. After spending the day by your side, she is more than happy to hop into bed and snuggle under the covers! Loki is also an expert biscuit maker who won’t hesitate to massage you to sleep. She is a calm cat who loves getting cozy on soft surfaces, and occasionally entertains herself with a toy. ADOPT