Continuing Your Artistic Journey

The Denver Center for the Performing Arts’ Education program takes pride in its ability to offer classes for students from three to a hundred and three. From eager and imaginative students to seasoned professionals honing their craft, everyone has opportunities.

Danny Michael Mann

“We have some folks who join that are just beginning their journey as actors,” Head of Acting Tim McCracken shared. “Others find us along their journey as they are looking for a home where they can take classes, work on projects, and continue to learn and grow.”

Even seasoned actors continue to take classes at the DCPA after achieving acclaim. Daniel Michael Mann was born in Manhattan, NY and grew up in the Bronx and Hollywood, CA. Since the 1970’s, Mann has been acting on stage and in both film and television. Highlights include appearing in “General Hospital,” “Hawaii Five-0,” and the made-for-TV movie Go Ask Alice. Most recently, Mann starred in the Indie film The Healing Garden,” currently streaming on Amazon Prime and finished a run of the one-act play Oriflamme at the DCPA.

In 2019, Mann was studying the Meisner method in Boulder when he heard about the educational offerings at the DCPA. At the time, he wanted to get involved with a class environment that offered a more diverse program. He thought the DCPA might have just the thing for which he was looking.

“My intuition was spot on,” Mann exclaimed. “I’ve thrived as an actor and have been introduced to some of the best acting teachers and directors.” Mann continues studying the craft between professional jobs to maintain a fresh perspective and build on his abilities.

And it’s not just the teaching artists with something to offer in a class environment; it’s also the other students. One of the benefits of taking classes is the opportunity to learn through other artists’ experiences. New students from Chicago or LA frequently take classes at the DCPA. Working with them offers a priceless addition to every class. They know what’s new and are on the cutting edge of what’s happening in the industry.

Over the years, Mann learned just how fortunate he’s been to make a living from acting. “It’s truly the undeniable and choice-less love of the craft that becomes our vehicle of working, finding a livelihood that can support our heartfelt connection to the work, and provides us with the time we need for classes and professional acting jobs when they present themselves.”

“Very few of us are fortunate enough to tap into further education while working professionally,” Mann continued. “But the process of practicing flexibility, expanding on our vulnerability and openness on stage, and staying energized while performing is a process that never ends.”

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