Denver Launches 25th Anniversary Tour of MAMMA MIA!

MAMMA MIA! London, 2022 Cast. Photo by Brinkhoff Mogenburg

The iconic musical, MAMMA MIA!, is returning to Denver to launch a new tour. You might be thinking, “new tour? I saw MAMMA MIA! at the Buell in 2002.” “MAMMA MIA! has played to millions of people around the world in hundreds of cities. Each new production is treated like a premiere,” said Executive Producer Amy Jacobs of Bespoke Theatricals.

A new production can entail casting fresh talent, a different creative team, new sets or costumes, interesting staging or choreography. “Every tour aims to not only recreate the experience of seeing the show on Broadway, but also with the insight gained from runs on Broadway, in the West End and other markets around the world, the creative team get the opportunity to bring fresh ideas to each new production,” Jacobs explained.

In fact, Denver is a hot spot for Broadway producers seeking to launch a new tour. From family-favorite Frozen to the cult classic The Book of Mormon, the Buell has launched over a dozen Broadway national tours. What makes the Denver Center for the Performing Arts such an attractive option? The main contributing factor: Denver audiences.

“Denver has an incredibly enthusiastic and engaged audience,” said DCPA Executive Director of Broadway & Cabaret, John Ekeberg. “It’s that enthusiasm and energy that feeds the performers and creates a great theatrical environment for all. Our audiences have come to expect new and exciting work coming from the DCPA. It’s always our goal to engage and inspire through the work presented on our stages and I think the excitement of being a part of something new leads to that engagement and inspiration.”

But don’t let the phrase “tour launch” fool you. This ultimate feel-good show, told through ABBA’s music, is the same classic story of love and friendship. Jacobs said, “The new MAMMA MIA! tour promises to capture all the magic and excitement of the first production which opened almost 25 years ago in London.”

Oct 31 – Nov 5 • Buell Theatre