Disney’s Aladdin North American Tour Trivia Questions

The company of the North American Tour of Disney’s Aladdin

Aladdin composer Alan Menken has won how many Oscars?
A) 4
B) 8
C) 2
D) 11

Answer : B) 8

How many Swarovski rhinestones appear on each man’s gold finale costume in “Friend Like Me?”
A) 2,000
B) 750
C) 8,600
D) 3,500

Answer: C) 8,600

How many special effects occur in Aladdin?
A) 450
B) 24
C) 210
D) 84

Answer: D) 84

What is the length of the fastest costume change in Aladdin?
A) 30 seconds
B) one minute
C) two minutes
D) 15 seconds

Answer: A) 30 seconds

How many costumes are featured in Aladdin?
A) 115
B) 250
C) 93
D) 337

Answer: D) 337

What is the name of Jafar’s sinister sidekick?
A) Omar
B) Kassim
C) Iago
D) Ralph

Answer: C) Iago

How many wishes does Genie grant for Aladdin?
A) One
B) Three
C) Five
D) None

Answer: B) Three

What name does Aladdin choose for himself after Genie transforms him into a prince?
A) Prince Phillip
B) Prince Charming
C) Prince Ali
D) Prince Henry

Answer: C) Prince Ali

Where does Aladdin discover the magic lamp?
A) Cave of Wonders
B) the market place
C) the desert
D) Bed, Bath & Beyond

Answer: A) Cave of Wonders

What is the name of the fictional kingdom where Aladdin and Jasmine live?
A) Arendelle
B) Pride Rock
C) Agrabah
D) Cleveland

Answer: C) Agrabah

What iconic Oscar-winning song do Aladdin and Jasmine sing during their magic carpet ride?
A) “Colors of the Wind”
B) “A Whole New World”
C) “Let It Go”
D) Friend Like Me”

Answer: B) “A Whole New World”