Prepare for a Trip Out of this World at THE INFINITE

Have you ever wanted to take a trip to space without having to train for years to be an astronaut and without spending millions of dollars? Now you can! Prepare to step into the beyond in the next DCPA Off-Center immersive experience, Space Explorers: THE INFINITE.

To capture footage for Space Explorers: THE INFINITE, Felix & Paul Studios designed and built 360-degree cinematic cameras that would work inside the International Space Station (ISS) and in the extremes of space. The technology of the camera equipment allowed audiences for the first time ever to walk inside the ISS and watch the day-to-day lives of astronauts, from making repairs to giving a haircut to a fellow astronaut.

As groups of 30 enter every 15 minutes, they receive a VR headset and discover their new avatar identity that will guide them throughout the experience and learn how they can walk and engage with the ISS. PRO TIP: Going with a friend or family? You will be able to see your group as gold avatars as they take their own journey through the ISS. Blue avatars are fellow spacewalkers and green avatars are THE INFINITE attendants.

Each person is provided a headset where they can see and hear throughout the 45-minute experience. A guest’s journey through the ISS is divided into four chapters that include glowing spheres that a guest can touch to initiate a video that will share the everyday experiences while on the ISS. Guests may encounter astronauts, observing their experiments or celebrations of new arrivals. Alternatively, they may enjoy a breathtaking view of the station against the backdrop of the void and the magnificent planet Earth.

Often, everyday people find that space feels so unobtainable, but this immersive experience puts audiences at the center. Although you cannot (fortunately!) float away in this version space, the incredible work from creation team made the visuals feel so real that you may find yourself hesitant to take steps into space. Do not worry, the ground is still there.

The finale has audiences seated in a theatre-like chair to sit back and view a spacewalk outside the station and above Earth. Every moment engaged in the headsets will make you feel disconnected from the outside world and truly feel like you were a member of the Artemis II crew.

Space Explorers: THE INFINITE will launch in Colorado on February 3 – May 5, 2024, at Stanley Marketplace.