Reentry Programs: Assistance After Incarceration

Imagine. You’ve served your time in prison and suddenly, you’re free. You’ve got the clothes on your back, a bus ticket and some change in your pocket. If you’re lucky, maybe there’s someone to meet you when the bars clang shut at your back.

But maybe not.

No job. No money. No roof over your head. And that stigma of “felon” akin to a scarlet “A” across your chest. And now…what?

Odds are 50/50 in Colorado that you’ll return to jail within three years, according to a 2018 study by the Virginia Department of Corrections.

Of those individuals who live in a halfway house, 2 will commit new crimes, 26 will be reincarcerated for a violation, 14 will run away and 22 will complete the program but be back in the criminal justice system within two years.

Who is that good for? The answer: no one.

But many organizations are working to change those odds. If you or a loved one needs assistance following incarceration, these organizations are here to help:

72 Hour Fund
4045 Wadsworth Blvd., Ste. 310, Wheat Ridge

Offering basic essentials such as clothing, bus tokens and hygiene items on a needs-driven basis by appointment or drop in.

Belay Enterprises
4455 E. 46th Ave., Denver

A faith-based organization that creates businesses to employ and train individuals rebuilding their lives following addiction, homelessness and prison.

Center for Employment Opportunities
888 Garden of the Gods Rd., Ste. 110, Colorado Springs

3532 Franklin St., Ste. S, Denver

The largest reentry employment provider in the country, CEO offers job coaching and training, immediate paid work experience, talent placement and retention services.

Community Works
6000 E Evans Ave., Denver

Job seekers receive job readiness instruction, life skills training, professional clothing, connections to businesses and support services while at work.

The Empowerment Program
1600 York St., Denver

A non-profit program that removes barriers to health, housing, education and employment so individuals — primarily cis and transgender women — can live a healthier life.

Focus Reentry
4705 Baseline Rd., Boulder

A Boulder-based program that assists with housing and reentry through three programs: The Mentor Program, The One Stop Shop Focus on Housing Program, and the Building Home Peer Support Program.

Homeward Alliance Re-Entry Program
242 Conifer St., Fort Collins

Provides wrap-around support so that participants can reach a level of sustainable, self-sufficiency that includes their mindset, employment/education goals and stable housing.

1212 Mariposa St., Ste. 1, Denver

Life-Line provides counseling, mentoring, substance abuse treatments, pro-social activities, life skills, resource connections, career exploration and job readiness training to assist in reentry and youth violence reduction.

Reentry Initiative
402 Kimbark St., Longmont

The Reentry Initiative provides mental health and substance abuse treatment, classes on self-sufficiency and connections to mentors, housing, transportation, and employment.

PO Box 18463, Denver

Verified resources to connect justice-involved populations with housing, employment and other community resources.

Road Called Strate
1532 Galena St., Ste. 395, Aurora

Services for Denver metro, Arapahoe and Adams counties including computer and graphic design training, family reunification facilitation, employment training, and counseling, substance abuse and mental health services.

Second Chance Center, Inc.
224 Potomac St., Aurora

The Second Chance Center strives to reduce recidivism through education, mentorship, addiction, counseling, employment services, housing and transportation.

Additionally, the Colorado Department of Corrections provides a comprehensive listing of statewide services to assist re-entry and reduce recidivism including employment, education, mental health clinicians and more.