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Richard Hannay looks concerned speaking with a man wearing strange glasses and a patterned suit jacket

The 39 Steps: The Art of Quick Change

The 39 Steps, playing at the Singleton Theatre through June 18, implements numerous moving parts, such as Alfred Hitchcock film styles, a thrilling spy novel and a dash of Monty Python comedy with a 1935 London backdrop. This show also uses quick-change techniques for three actors playing more than 50 roles. Heidi Echtenkamp, Denver Center […]

Costume rendering by Trevor Bowen for The Color Purple

Q&A with the Costume Designer for The Color Purple

At first glance, the costumes in The Color Purple look pretty ordinary. Everyone is wearing historically accurate clothing, pieces that look like they belonged to your grandparents or great-grandparents. What if that is exactly what the costume designer, Trevor Bowen, had in mind? For some productions, it takes hard work to make costumes look like […]

The Costume Design of Jersey Boys

Music can certainly transport you to a different time and place, but if that time and place is before your time and place, you might need a bit more context. Enter the costume designer. This artist — along with the set, prop and lighting designers among others — helps to take an audience on a […]