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800 Ben Beckley and Karl Miller_Photo by Adams VisCom

Video: Makers of ‘The Whistleblower’ blow their whistles

Itamar Moses’ world-premiere play asks: ‘What if you had a life-changing epiphany … that turned out to be wrong?’

Video, photos: Your first look at Denver Center’s ‘The Whistleblower’

Itamar Moses’ world-premiere play is the story of a screenwriter who sets out to serve up hard truths to his co-workers, family, exes and friends

DCPA artistic leader was among first to toot ‘Whistleblower’ scribe’s horn

Chris Coleman was on to Itamar Moses’ talent long before the playwright took Broadway by storm with ‘The Band’s Visit’

'The Whistleblower' cast at first rehearsal. Photo by John Moore.

The truth hurts: What happens when you blow the whistle on your loved ones

World-premiere play explores what happens when a man decides he just doesn’t want to lie anymore to anyone about anything

Bill Christ in 'Cyrano,' left starring in Cyrano, and Leslie O'Carroll, right in 'A Christmas Carol,' will be reunited in 'The Whistleblower.' Photos by Terry Shapiro and Adams VisCom.

Casts announced for ‘The Whistleblower’ and ‘Last Night and the Night Before’

‘The Whistleblower’ will reunite Denver Center Theatre Company stalwarts Bill Christ and Leslie O’Carroll