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Q&A with Wicked Book Writer Winnie Holzman

Q&A with Winnie Holzman, writer of the book for Wicked Reprinted by permission of Wicked What attracted you to Wicked? Winnie Holzman: It’s the whole idea that things are not as they seem. What you think you know you don’t really know. It is the premise of the novel that you know certain things, but […]

Q&A with Wicked Costume Designer Susan Hilferty

Susan Hilferty, Tony Award-winner for Best Costume Design of Wicked Reprinted by permission of Wicked How did you approach the task of designing Wicked’s costumes? Susan Hilferty: I knew I was inventing a world, a parallel universe you’d recognize but at the same time was completely distorted. I looked at the original illustrations for the […]

Q&A with Wicked Composer & Lyricist Stephen Schwartz

Stephen Schwartz, Composer/Lyricist for Wicked Reprinted by permission of Wicked How long did it take you to bring Wicked to life? Stephen Schwartz: We actually were working on the show about four years, which is pretty fast for a big Broadway musical…. Once I had heard about [Wicked] from [my friend] Holly Near, it took […]

Q&A with Wicked Set Designers Eugene Lee and Edward Pierce

Q&A with Eugene Lee, Tony Award-winner for Best Set Design for Wicked and Edward Pierce, Associate Set Designer Reprinted by permission of Wicked What were some of your difficulties at the beginning in designing the set? Eugene Lee: The script for Wicked is like a movie script – it jumps around a lot. I determined […]

Q&A with Original Wicked Novel Author, Gregory Maguire

Gregory Maguire, Author of Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West Reprinted by permission of Wicked What inspired you to write “Wicked”? Gregory Maguire: I was living in London in the early 1990’s during the start of the Gulf War. I was interested to see how my own blood temperature […]