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Yippee Ki Yay – The Die Hard Parody and Interesting Facts About the 80’s Classic Film

Yippee Ki Yay – The Die Hard Parody, playing at the Garner Galleria Theatre Dec. 6 through Dec. 23, parodies the 80’s film Die Hard in poetic rhymes while also telling a story about a man and a woman who fell in love over this classic, Christmas flick. The film and production center around a […]

Q&A with Richard Marsh, Writer and Performer of Yippee Ki Yay

Are you a fan of Die Hard? What’s the story between you and the film? Do you have any fond memories/a personal connection to it? I’m a HUGE Die Hard fan! I’ve loved the film since I first saw it on VHS. Die Hard was unusual in its day as John McClane isn’t a superhuman […]