Celebrating Women in Theatre: Women’s History Month

Theatre has come a long way from its origins in Ancient Greece. Women have pushed forward to break barriers and create lasting change in the theatre industry – though there is still more work to be done, especially for women from marginalized communities. In honor of Women’s History Month, we would like to celebrate some […]

A plate next to a full cup of beer at Nola Jane

Gumbo, Hush Puppies, Fried Chicken and More of Denver’s Southern Food

If you’re salivating for a taste of the South—grits, fried chicken, Creole spice, crawfish, catfish, and other classics–Denver has a surprising abundance of Southern cuisine to choose from so you can decide how to approach this dining out part of your evening or afternoon. BRUNCH Southern food shines as breakfast, lunch or dinner, with pretty […]

A table filled with charcuterie plates

Bon Appétit: French restaurants in Denver

If you’re in the mood for the full Parisian experience, you cannot have that without French food. Here are a few dining experiences in Denver to check out. French75 717 17th Street Less than five blocks from the Denver Performing Arts Complex, French75 is a casual French bistro with a show-stopping open kitchen from Bonanno […]

Ahrens, Flaherty and Anastasia: Legendary songwriters revisit legendary tale

What they came up with ‘is a story that is just as transporting as the source film, but in a more grown-up way’

Dear Les Misérables: You should cast me as Gavroche

An urchin-like, thirtysomething Denver actress makes her pitch to play the boy who gets shot at the barricade in the touring production of ‘Les Misérables.’

Les Miz: Once more, with feeling

Hugo’s epic masterpiece returns to Denver bringing larger-than-life characters that are becoming more and more uncommon in our modern world

Dmitri stands with his knapsack while a seated Anya watches him

Darko Tresnjak on how Anastasia teaches men to be better men

‘The hope that one of them survived, this magical child, is very appealing’

Bluey, Beloved By Parents Everywhere

Bluey’s Big Play is coming to Denver, but it’s not just kids excited for the occasion, parents too love that Blue Heeler puppy and her family just as much. “It’s one of the only shows everyone, meaning us adults, can enjoy in our house,” said parent Jessica Marquis, who is far from alone in the […]

The cast of STOMP plays musical instruments onstage

From Pookiesnackenberger to Beer to Trash: The journey to STOMP

STOMP is the product of the long-time collaboration between two men, Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas. Though the show group was developed in Brighton, England (1991), its history begins ten years earlier when the two first worked together. Prior to STOMP, Luke and Steve met in 1981 when they were members of the street band […]