A line of students in costume raise their clasped hands as they take a bow at the DPS Shakespeare Festival

Prepping for Shakespeare: A First-Hand Account of the DPS Shakespeare Festival

Former Rocky Mountain News Theatre Critic Lisa Bornstein and current fourth grade math teacher at Polaris Elementary School gives her first-hand account of her school’s participation in the 40th annual DPS Shakespeare Festival. It was 10am on Friday, April 26 when downtown Denver’s Skyline Park came alive with Roman senators, harlequins, a living brick wall […]

A person sits in front of an audience

1 Degree of Separation: DCPA to Broadway

On Tuesday, April 30, nominations were announced for the 77th annual Tony Awards. Among the nominees were two bound-for-Denver hits plus six individuals who are affiliated with the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. And the nominees with DCPA connections are… Gutenberg: The Musical Nomination: Best Revival of a Musical In this two-person musical spoof, […]

Food for Thought: Local Immigrants Dish Up More than Food

“Those people.” You’ve heard that phrase uttered by individuals and you instantly know what is implied. Well, let’s chat about “those people.” Apart from indigenous peoples who were the original stewards of the soil beneath our feet, the remaining individuals who embody America are immigrants or ancestors of immigrants or ancestors of ancestors of immigrants. […]

One for the Record Books: 19th Anniversary of Women with Hattitude

The DCPA’s 2024 Women with Hattitude luncheon was the most successful in the event’s history – by a landslide. Tickets were sold out and the event received unprecedented support through sponsorships. Nearly 650 guests were in attendance who raised almost $110,000 by the event’s end. Women with Hattitude serves as a fundraiser for the Women’s […]

Local Organizations Announce 2024/25 Seasons

The DCPA is just one of the many arts organizations announcing its 2024/25 season, or productions throughout 2024. By no means an exhaustive list, check out the organizations below. Or, to find more cultural organizations near you, visit scfd.org/organization. Seasons will continue to be announced throughout this spring! Arvada Center 2024/25 Season Announcement The Arvada […]

The Most Infamous Financial Scandals in Recent US History

The Lehman Trilogy, the Tony Award-winning play by Italian playwright Stefano Massini, is a wholly American tale. A German-Jewish immigrant arrives in America, opens a dry goods store in Alabama, and by 1850 has brought along his two brothers in the founding of a trading firm that will become the fourth-largest investment bank in the […]

Today’s “Ladies Who Lunch”

It’s the pinnacle of the day – lunchtime. Some sip a smoothie en route to the office after a workout. Some eat at their desks, lest they lose a single moment of productivity. Some see lunch as social time, catching up on the latest with friends and frenemies. But many others use the mid-day break […]

A Trip to El Salvador

Playwright Brian Quijada’s parents immigrated to the United States from El Salvador in the 1970s during a tumultuous period that eventually led to the country’s 13-year civil war (1979-1992). When I first visited the country in 1995, you could still see the aftereffects of war. Large buildings with blown out windows. Police officers and military […]

Colorado’s Old Bank Vaults

Back when Denver was first establishing itself as a real city, not just a frontier stopover, companies invested in building elaborate banks (perhaps to become the bankers for those lucky miners up in the mountains!). These banks would have each have a substantial vault to keep all of the money safe. As many a movie […]