black and white photograph of Betty Pack

Rubicon: Sex, Espionage and a Woman Finding Purpose

Do you remember a sexy movie with Lauren Bacall as a glamorous society woman turned wartime spy named Betty, blazing through men and countries, from South America to Europe, seducing her way to crucial information for the Allies in WWII? No? That’s because there was no such movie — although perhaps there should have been. […]

Chicago Still Has That Razzle Dazzle

‘Chicago’ grew long legs from the shadow of ‘A Chorus Line’ to take its own place in Broadway’s razzle-dazzle history

A Fairy Tale for a New Generation

If you were born before 1990, your bedtime stories were likely straight out of the Grimm Fairy Tales. First published in 1812, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm put forth 200 tales over their literary career including Snow White, Cinderella and Hansel and Gretel. But Shrek was nowhere among them. Fast forward 180 years and along comes […]

Hairspray: A Big-Hearted Musical

That wunderkind offspring of John Waters’ 1988 subversive film, Hairspray, with its tale of a plump East Baltimore girl who achieves her dream of dancing on a local television show, is about as improbable a subject for a hit musical as you’re likely to come across. Think about it. Tracy Turnblad is the girl in […]

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Pop the Bubbly for New Years: Total Wine & More

Whether you need a splash of bubbly for an upcoming occasion or want to impress that special someone on New Years Eve, we’re betting that you need some expert advice. To help, we turned to our friends at Total Wine & More for some insightful tips…and a wee sample or four. Centennial Store Manager Sam […]

Shrek Trivia

The Power and Poignancy of Sting’s Songwriting

From the first time we heard him in the late 70s, there was something very distinct about Sting’s songwriting. Here he was, high in the charts with a love song to a prostitute (“Roxanne)” and then, telling of someone who was about to take their own life because love hadn’t worked out (“Can’t Stand Losing […]

Setting Dance to Sting

The following is an interview with Kate Prince, Director & Choreographer of Message In A Bottle. Repurposed by permission of Message In A Bottle. DCPA: Firstly, can you tell us a bit about your inspiration for the show? KATE PRINCE: I think once I knew it was a possibility that I might be able to […]

Director Jerry Ruiz gestures while reading notes for Cebollas

Cebollas: When a Road Trip is a Family Journey

This world premiere work by New Mexico playwright Leonard Madrid drew loud laughs from audiences at the 2022 New Play Summit. The tagline says it all: Three Sisters, four wheels, four hundred miles, and one dead body. From a comedic premise, a heartwarming comedy-drama emerges when three Latina sisters embark on an unexpected drive, Albuquerque […]