Meet the cast: Steven Cole Hughes of 'An Act of God'

“This play does what good theatre should: it delivers a serious message while still being super funny and entertaining.”

Classic comments from Denver-bound David Sedaris

America’s foremost humorist returns to Denver for three sold-out evenings at the DCPA. His latest book is titled “Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls.”

In the Spotlife: Petra Ulrych of 'Johnny Got His Gun'

Germinal Stage-Denver is hosting the stage adaptation of Dalton Trumbo’s classic anti-war novel.

Steve Wilson now wearing the heels in the ‘Tartuffe’ family

When it was time for Leslie O’Carroll to return to the DCPA the Arvada Center turned to her busty husband for a replacement.

November: Colorado theatre openings

All told, you have 81 theatregoing options to choose from, including a whopping nine from the Denver Center alone.

Savion Glover to headline DCPA's 'Saturday Night Alive'

The annual gala, returning on March 4, raises nearly $1 million for the Denver Center’s arts education programs.

Meet the cast: Jessica Robblee of 'Frankenstein'

“This play examines the pain and heartbreak of an individual trying to get others to acknowledge his humanity. What a sad thing, to have to…

After Orlando: Colorado theatre will respond Nov. 14-15

The worst gun massacre in U.S. history will be marked with readings of 12 short plays by writers ranging from Neil Labute to Caridad Svich.

Imagine 2020 explores meaningful engagement with Millennials

The future of nearly every existing industry depends on capturing the imaginations – and the economy – of Millennials.