Regan Linton 2017 True West Award

2017 True West Award: Colorado Theatre Person of the Year Regan Linton

The returning hero won’t claim to have saved the theatre that creates performance opportunities for the disabled. But plenty of others will.

2017 True West Awards: Steven J. Burge and Jeremy Rill

One thing these two very different performers have in common is that 2017 was a breakout year that will change the trajectory for both.

Rocky Mountain News theatre critic Jackie Campbell dies at 89

“She was an old-guard newspaper gal. And she was also one of the earliest female rock ‘n roll writers at a daily newspaper.”

2017 True West Award: Composer and Music Director David Nehls

Composer David Nehls had four new musicals in development in the past 12 months. That’s not only highly unlikely — it’s nearly incomprehensible.

2017 True West Award: Vance McKenzie

“I would trust Vance McKenzie with any type of show,” director Seth Caikowski says. “From Shakespeare to Sondheim, he will always deliver.”

Video: Genie from Disney's 'Aladdin' sings Broncos anthem

Anthony Murphy made an early visit to Denver to sing the national anthem at Mile High Stadium and talk about his show, coming April 7-28.

2017 True West Award: Buntport Theater

With three varied new creations in 2017 spanning Zeus to junk to Poe, the Buntport Theater collective again managed to make the magical look mundane.

2017 True West Award: The Women of 'The Revolutionists'

Lauren Gunderson is talking about a revolution. No, two. The one that happened then. And the one that needs to happen in the American theatre…

2017 True West Award: The Difference-Makers

This year, an array of self-starting individuals, theatre companies and schools generated $112,000 in unplannable revenue for the Denver Actors Fund.sp