5 Reasons to Take Private Acting Coaching

This week, the DCPA Theatre Company holds local and national auditions for its upcoming 2022/23 season. Whether you practice your monologue in the mirror, run lines with your BFF, or repeat “she sells sea shells by the seashore” 10 times fast, there are other ways to prep for the BIG day.

Whether you are a high school student applying for a college theatre program, an aspiring actor preparing for your first audition or a seasoned pro who needs to brush up before opening night, private acting lessons can help identify your best material, hone your delivery and build your confidence to get a leg up on the competition.

Middle School • The Art of Auditioning One-Day Workshop

Here are 5 reasons to fit private lessons into your routine:

  1. Private lessons enable you to have the undivided attention of an acting professional who can focus exclusively on your abilities and areas of growth, serving as a concentrated and efficient approach to learning.
  2. One-on-one sessions with a private acting coach allow you the time to identify and refine audition material that best complements your acting approach and technique.
  3. A professional teaching artist can identify breath support and movement skills that are best suited to you and your abilities.
  4. Unlike in a group setting, private lessons enable you to ask confidential questions that are best suited to your skills and interests, so that you can identify and delve into specific areas of improvement.
  5. Private lessons serve as the perfect complement to group sessions. They provide a personal opportunity to develop your personal strengths while group classes allow you to work with and respond to other actors in an ensemble.

Often, a private coach is someone with whom you will be vulnerable, express your self-doubts and discuss your ambitions, so seek out someone who can become a mentor, confidant, and advocate. They will draw upon all those nuances that make you special to extract the very best of your talents every day.

For more information on private acting lessons, visit denvercenter.org.