Denver Art Museum

Elevating educational and entertainment institutions across Denver

In 2017, Denver voters approved a general bond program, Elevate Denver, to address needs across the city and support the enrichment and improvement of public spaces. The $937 million general obligation bond program seeks to complete more than 500 projects over ten years.

$117 million in general bonds were allotted to restore iconic buildings and make critical improvements to beloved institutions across the city. While the Denver Center for the Performing Arts received $19MM toward renovation of its Bonfils Theatre Complex, other area cultural organizations also have finished their respective bond-supported projects.



Denver Zoo, home to over 4,000 animals including many endangered and threatened species, sought funding to support the construction of a new animal hospital. Completion of this project ensures all animals receive the highest level of veterinary care while educating and inspiring a new generation of animal scientists.

The Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Animal Hospital opened to the public this summer. Equipped with the most technologically advanced equipment in the industry, the 22,000 square-foot state-of-the-art facility is furnished with two fully equipped treatment rooms, a high-performance diagnostic lab, critical care units, in and outdoor animal wards, and a cutting-edge surgical suite.

During visiting hours, the Schlessman Family Foundation Visitor and Education Center features viewing windows where guests can watch animals being cared for. When not in use, treatment rooms include interactive video displays educating guests on the procedures, treatments, and surgeries performed to help animals thrive.


Denver Botanic Gardens

Leaf by Jason Klimoski & Lesley Chang, Studio KCA, 2020


Denver Botanic Gardens, a unique living museum, entertains and delights guests with horticulture, plant conservation and preservation, art, and special events. As the final part of the Master Development Plan for the Gardens, the Freyer – Newman Center for Science, Art, and Education was made possible in part by funding from Elevate Denver.

Outfitted with six classrooms, three climate-controlled galleries, science labs, an herbarium housing 100,000 preserved plant and fungal collections and much more, the new center expands scientific research programs and increases education opportunities for both children and adults.


Denver Museum of Nature and Science DENVER MUSEUM OF NATURE AND SCIENCE

For over 100 years, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science has educated and inspired visitors with treasured exhibits, world-famous wildlife dioramas, and continuous discoveries. Through the bond program, funds issued to the Museum covered costs for critical repairs and improvements to safety measures and energy efficiency. By completing these critical deferred maintenance projects, the Museum will continue to be a safe space to educate and provide the opportunity for everyone to experience history and the natural world.


Denver Art Museum


Late last month, the Denver Art Museum revealed its new 50,000 square-foot Anna and John J. Sie Welcome Center in celebration of their 50th anniversary. The center, connected to the newly renovated Lanny and Sharon Martin Building, formerly the North Building, also received funds from Elevate Denver bonds.

Highlights of the Sie Welcome Center include a large event center and program space with a view of downtown Denver, the Sturm Grand Pavilion connecting the two buildings, and a learning and engagement center which will provide an opportunity for children, families, and adults looking for an immersive art experience.

Residents spoke loud and clear when approving the Elevate Denver Bond. Visit these organizations to experience the culture that matters and helps make Denver such a wonderful city.


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