A young girl in a pink leotard poses while wrapped in aerial silks

Learn to Dance—Unconventionally

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of dance class? Maybe it is ballet or tap dancing or even ballroom dance. These are more traditional styles of dance that we are likely to see performed or even to attempt in a class. However, as productions STOMP and Riverdance have shown audiences before, there is a lot to appreciate in unconventional dance, too.

If you want to learn about these types of dance—and more—there are classes in the Denver area to try out.


Irish step dancers perform in a line outside in downtown Denver

Photo courtesy of The Wick School of Irish Dance Colorado

Riverdance is based on classic Irish step dancing, but it goes beyond that. There is not a Riverdance school, but there are Irish step dancing lessons. Irish step dancing is considered a competitive sport, visually recognized for elaborate costumes, wigs, and special shoes called ghillies.

The Wick School of Irish Dance Colorado offers the first month free so students can see if this is a good fit for them before committing.

Heritage Irish Stepdancers offers classes for ages four through adult, and students are encouraged to perform throughout the year.

Connolly Irish Dance is based in Lakewood and also starts lessons at age four through adult. 


a group of dancers pose onstage in front of a hot pink background

Photo courtesy of EVQ Elite Dance Studio

Many of the dance studios that offer Hip Hop dance classes are not just limited to that one style of dance and you can explore jazz funk, groove, and contemporary styles also.

EVQ Elite Dance Studio is for both beginner and advanced dancers to take lessons. If you’re interested in something more competitive for kids, they have a “Squad” option.

The Dance Institute might at first appear to be a typical ballet school, but they do offer four levels of Hip Hop, too.


Colorado New Style might be considered conventional dance because the Latin dance style is so classic, but one thing they do differently is to offer bilingual classes. There is private instruction or group classes, and they can get to a performance level. Here you can learn Bachata, Salsa, Acrodance, and more.

Instructors lead a Latin dance class in La Rumba

Photo courtesy of La Rumba

Rasta Salsa Dance has Bachata, Salsa, Mambo, and Rueda classes, with a separate option for “absolute beginner” classes.

La Rumba is part nightclub and part dance school for those who want to learn to Salsa dance with a cocktail in their hand.


The beauty of dance is that every culture has some form of this artistic expression and there are costumes, music, steps, and movement unique to those places and histories.

A young girl in a pink leotard poses while wrapped in aerial silks

Photo courtesy of Aerial Cirque Over Denver

Bella Diva World Dance offers a little of everything with their classes so you can practically travel the world while learning to dance:

  • Belly dancing
  • Samba
  • Tahitian
  • Bollywood
  • Hip hop
  • Hula

Even if you never want to don a costume or perform, these classes can be a real workout!

For the ultimate non-traditional dance class, try Aerial Cirque Over Denver where a mix of circus acrobatics meets dance moves. Yes, classes involve aerial silks, trapezes, hoops, and hammocks. They offer youth and adult classes.

Get moving this year in a dance class that might just be your new fitness routine.