Renaissance Man Seth Dhonau of The Other Josh Cohen

Narrator Josh of The Other Josh Cohen holds a guitar onstage

Seth Dhonau. The Other Josh Cohen. DCPA Cabaret. Photo by McLeod9 Creative

Local theatre fans have likely seen Seth Dhonau before. Not only has he appeared on DCPA stages, he’s a regular at the Colorado Shakespeare Festival and other local theatre companies. When asked about his repertoire, Dhonau says he loves to experience all art forms. “I’m always amazed that there are more similarities than differences between projects I’ve worked on,” Dhonau said — and he has quite the range. 

A lengthy list of Shakespeare’s works appears on Dhonau’s resume. From the lighthearted comedy Love’s Labour’s Lost to the historical King John, Dhonau has worked with all types of text. “Language allows you to look at things in a different way,” explained Dhonau. “You find that everything feeds into everything else, no matter if it’s a classical piece of work in a language we don’t typically use to something more contemporary.” As a musician, Dhonau sees the connections between art forms. “I could dive into something that isn’t music-related at all and still feel this sense in the back of my mind that there is a musicality to the language and the way actors interact onstage,” said Dhonau. 

Narrator Josh of The Other Josh Cohen strums a guitar and sings into a microphone

Seth Dhonau. The Other Josh Cohen. DCPA Cabaret. Photo by McLeod9 Creative

Dhonau first came to The Garner Galleria Theatre as Aaron in the 2017/18 production First Date then came back for more as the male swing in the 2018/19 show Xanadu. Dhonau also worked with the DCPA Theatre Company as Valentine in the 2019 production Twelfth Night and as a swing in the 2021 world premiere of Wild Fire. Now, Renaissance man Dhonau continues to expand his skill set as Narrator Josh in The Other Josh Cohen. “Branching out and experiencing everything from a big musical to a contemporary play to Shakespeare has helped me build out my artistic apparatus,” said Dhonau, “and then I can come to the next project and say, ‘I have experience with something similar.’” 

But the DCPA will always feel like home base, no matter what Dhonau does next. “It’s magical to be part of the Denver Center community,” expressed Dhonau, “and The Garner Galleria in particular feels like home.” Being a part of The Other Josh Cohen is an experience he won’t soon forget, calling the production a “supernova” of creativity. “This show reminds us what it’s like to sit in a theatre with others and just laugh,” said Dhonau.  

The Other Josh Cohen  
Now – May 1, 2022 • Garner Galleria Theatre