Second City Notable Alumni

The Second City opened its doors on a snowy Chicago night in December of 1959, and a comedy revolution began. The small cabaret theater grew to become the most influential and prolific comedy empire in the world, developing an entirely unique way of creating art and fostering generation after generation of superstars.

The Second City’s “Comedian Rhapsody” is a brand-new revue featuring the best sketch comedy and songs from the troupe’s history, new classics, and trademark improvisation performed by The Second City Touring Company. The tour will stop at the Garner Galleria Theatre in Denver from July 17 to August 11.

For those unfamiliar with the troupe ahead of “Comedian Rhapsody,” just take a look at the plethora of notable alumni from Second City. The list below isn’t even close to exhaustive! Then, get excited for an evening full of laughter.