SIX Cocktails Made for a Queen

The North American Tour Boleyn Company of SIX. Photo by Joan Marcus.

If SIX has you in the mood to…lose your head, a specialty cocktail (or mocktail) might be just the ticket. Long-time partner of the Denver Performing Arts Complex, SODEXO Live! has created a list of drinks to complement each Queen. Patrons can order these drinks at the bars inside the Buell Theatre when attending a performance of SIX, or these simple cocktails are easy enough to whip up at home while listening to the soundtrack.

Prosecco Cocktails:
Fill a champagne flute with your favorite chilled prosecco, then top it off with one of the juices or liqueurs listed below for each Queen’s drink.

Catherine of Aragon
Prosecco & Orange Liqueur

Anne Boleyn
Sorry Not Sorry
Prosecco & Pomegranate Juice

Anna of Cleves
As You Were
Prosecco & Pineapple Juice

Catherine Howard
Dime Piece
Prosecco & Blackberry Liqueur

Catherine Parr
No Choice
Prosecco & Orange Juice

If prosecco isn’t your thing, try this Virgin Cherry Margarita recipe. For the perfect mocktail, fill a shaker with ice and the following ingredients. Shake it until chilled (at least 30 seconds) and pour into a salt or sugar rimmed glass. You always have the option to add 1 oz of tequila for an alcoholic version.

Jane Seymour
The Teetotaler
1 oz cherry syrup
½ oz orange juice
3.5 oz sweet and sour