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SIX Cocktails Made for a Queen

If SIX has you in the mood to…lose your head, a specialty cocktail (or mocktail) might be just the ticket. Long-time partner of the Denver Performing Arts Complex, SODEXO Live! has created a list of drinks to complement each Queen. Patrons can order these drinks at the bars inside the Buell Theatre when attending a […]

An irish coffee in a handled glass with chocolate shavings on top

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day from Sodexo Live!

St. Patrick’s Day is a time of celebration, whether you’re Irish or not. One of St. Patrick’s Day’s popular customs? Enjoying a drink with family or friends!  After years of dual liquor licenses, the Denver Performing Arts Complex now boasts a solitary liquor license for its venues. And since the DCPA mask requirement will be […]

A seared steak cut into slices on a white tray

Valentine’s Day Romance at Home from Our Catering Partners

You don’t need to go somewhere fancy to celebrate a special Valentine’s Day. Our catering partners have whipped up some recipes for a fantastic holiday–at home! From a vibrant cocktail to a romantic charcuterie board, these recipes will have you getting playful in the kitchen whether you’re spending the evening with a loved one, by yourself, […]