Anastasia Davidson and Marianna McClellan in A DOLL'S HOUSE_Photo by Adams VisCom

A Doll’s House from page to stage, a Henry Award winner

This year, DCPA Theatre Company’s Costume Design Associate, Meghan Anderson Doyle won the 2019/20 Henry Award for Outstanding Costume Design for her work on A Doll’s House.

Anastasia Davidson as Emmy in A DOLL'S HOUSE, PART 2_Photo by Adams VisCom

In the Spotlife: Anastasia Davidson of ‘A Doll’s House’ and ‘A Doll’s House, Part 2’

Pennsylvania native has made a royal name for herself on stages across Colorado

Leslie O'Carroll and Barbra Wengerd in A DOLL'S HOUSE, PART 2_Photos by Adams VisCom

How did they do it? The magic doors of ‘A Doll’s House, Part 2’

Audiences are in for a bit of a surrealistic staging surprise

Marianna McClellan, left, and Barbra Wengerd bring very different styles and energy to the role of Nora – and thats on purpose. Photo by Adams VisCom

Our two Noras on playing one singular character

The woman who returns after leaving her family is a decidedly different woman

Michael Schantz and Marianna McClellan in A DOLL'S HOUSE_Photo by Adams VisCom

In the Spotlife: Meet Michael Schantz of ‘A Doll’s House’

On winter ocean-diving, Falstaff and the music in the new film ‘Ad Astra’ Michael Schantz, who plays patriarch Torvald Helmer through November 24 in the DCPA Theatre Company’s A Doll’s House, is a Philadelphia-born actor who graduated from Rollins College in Orlando and got his master’s degree from the Graduate Acting Program at NYU’s Tisch […]

Michael Schantz and Marianna McClellan in A DOLL'S HOUSE_Photo by Adams VisCom

‘A Doll’s House’: The door slam heard ’round the world still reverberates

Why is a sequel to Ibsen’s feminist classic relevant in 2019? ‘Because the world moves at a glacial pace’

Zachary Andrews. A DOLL'S HOUSE. 2

In the Spotlife: Zachary Andrews on ‘A Doll’s House,’ drones and Dwight

“Ibsen recognized 140 years ago that men struggle to recognize women as peers, as autonomous, as human.” Meet Zachary Andrews Zachary Andrews has previously appeared in DCPA Theatre Company productions of Romeo & Juliet, A Christmas Carol and The Three Musketeers. Regional credits include playing Spike in Vanya & Sonya & Masha & Spike for […]

‘A Doll’s House’: How did Ibsen become a pioneering feminist anyway?

How a man made a woman’s call to self-knowledge the thesis of his entire canon