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Linda Klein and Barbara Gehring pose onstage in The Secret Comedy of Women

The History of The Secret Comedy of Women®

From the archives: this article was originally published on January 17, 2023 The Secret Comedy of Women is a show that finds its roots in a dense body of work created by the Denver-based immersive comedy troupe A.C.E., made up of Linda Klein (an American), Barbara Gehring (a Canadian) and Matthew Taylor (an Englishman).  It […]

The Other Josh Cohen. The Other Josh Cohen in text, featuring notebook doodles with a large guitar drawing in the center of a black background

The Director’s Take: Joel Ferrell on The Other Josh Cohen

  Joel Ferrell is returning to Denver to direct The Other Josh Cohen in the Garner Galleria Theatre, so the NewsCenter tossed a few questions and he lobbed back answers like you would throw a well-packed snowball. DCPA: How would you describe the show in your own words? JOEL: The show is a celebration of […]

The marquee and front doors of the Garner Galleria Theatre in Denver, Colorado

Favorite memories of the Garner Galleria Theatre

Old timers still know it as StageWest. Die-hard theatre fans may remember it as simply the Galleria Theatre. But since 1996, it has been known as the Garner Galleria Theatre, named to honor Bob Garner, the original presenter of Broadway shows in Denver. This intimate, 210-seat cabaret theatre has hosted some of Denver’s longest-running and […]