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Exterior of El Jebel

Egyptian Influence on Colorado Architecture

Hot, hot, hot: Egyptomania was all the rage in the Roaring ’20s when British archaeologist Howard Carter “discovered” the tomb of Tutankhamun in 1922. American audiences breathlessly devoured developments of the excavation, which was documented in detail by newspapers, magazines and movie news-reels. This wasn’t the first time the ancient civilization was front-page news — […]

Maha and Seif clasp hands over a partially packed suitcase in Hotter Than Egypt

First Look: Hotter Than Egypt

Hailed as an audience favorite at the 2020 Colorado New Play Summit, Hotter Than Egypt is the captivating tale of an American couple’s own personal revolutions. Drawing from the political, cultural, and religious realities of living in the region, this quick-witted dramedy set in the heat of Cairo pits loyalty against attraction as its characters […]

Scenic Artist Lori Worthman sculpts a replica of an Egyptian statue

Stage Stories: Handmade Egyptian Sculpture for Hotter Than Egypt

Scenic Artist Lori Worthman was charged with creating a 9-foot replica of Egyptian King Khafra for the DCPA Theatre Company’s production of Hotter Than Egypt. Follow along as Lori talks through the process, her responsibilities, and what it’s like working in the scene shop.

Several plates filled with Mediterranean food on a table at Safta

Colorado’s Culinary Connection to Egypt

It’s so fun to have a theme night out – and it’s easy to accomplish in Denver, with several cultures in the area to celebrate. If you’re looking to experience Middle Eastern culture, there are many restaurants in the Denver area that serve Egyptian, Middle Eastern, or African cuisine. At first glance, traditional Egyptian food […]

Exterior of the Egyptian Theatre in Delta, Colorado

Walk Like an Egyptian in Colorado

The premise of Hotter Than Egypt is of two Americans on a vacation/business trip to Cairo and how their relationship is tested as they are exposed to this new environment. If this story makes you curious to learn more about Egypt while staying here in Colorado, start exploring in your own backyard. DENVER MUSEUM OF […]

Hotter Than Egypt Playwright Explores the Pathos and Comedy Inherent in Every Day Life

In Hotter Than Egypt, playwright Yussef El Guindi explores the tragic-funny misunderstandings of a culture clash rich in existential, social, political baggage. While on holiday in Egypt, middle-aged Americans Paul and Jean find their marriage unraveling in the company of a young couple, Seif and Maha, who serve as their guides and conscience. Cut off […]

Promotional artwork for Laughs in Spanish and Hotter Than Egypt

DCPA Theatre Company Announces Full Cast and Creative Teams for Laughs in Spanish and Hotter Than Egypt

The Denver Center for the Performing Arts (DCPA) Theatre Company is excited to announce the full casting and creative teams for the world premiere production of Laughs in Spanish by Alexis Scheer and Yussef El Guindi’s Hotter Than Egypt. “Winter at the DCPA Theatre Company will be filled with new works when two productions open […]

2020 Colorado New Play Summit criss-crosses cultures like never before

Annual celebration of new plays had its storytelling feet planted in all sorts of different worlds