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Donnetta Lavinia Grays. Photo by John Moore

Video: ‘Last Night’ and the power of one magnificent ‘yes’

World-premiere play gives audiences opportunity to cast their eyes on characters we have turned a blind eye to in the American theatre


Lynde Rosario on the history of hand games

An essential part of the play ‘Last Night and the Night Before’ was also a vital part of DCPA Literary Manager’s childhood

Bill Christ in 'Cyrano,' left starring in Cyrano, and Leslie O'Carroll, right in 'A Christmas Carol,' will be reunited in 'The Whistleblower.' Photos by Terry Shapiro and Adams VisCom.

Casts announced for ‘The Whistleblower’ and ‘Last Night and the Night Before’

‘The Whistleblower’ will reunite Denver Center Theatre Company stalwarts Bill Christ and Leslie O’Carroll

Rodney Lizcano, currently playing several roles in the DCPA Theatre Company's world premiere of 'American Mariachi,' will headline the 2018 Colorado Shakespeare Festival season in the title role of 'Richard III.' Photo by Adams Viscom.

Rodney Lizcano leads 2018 Colorado Shakes lineup as Richard III

A flood of familiar faces this summer will join what the Colorado Shakespeare Festival is calling the most diverse casting lineup in its 61-year history

2017 Summit goes global while hitting close to home

This year’s Summit drew 44 playwrights and 36 theatre organizations from at least 16 states. Overall attendance ht a new high of 2,900.