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The cast of STOMP plays musical instruments onstage

From Pookiesnackenberger to Beer to Trash: The journey to STOMP

STOMP is the product of the long-time collaboration between two men, Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas. Though the show group was developed in Brighton, England (1991), its history begins ten years earlier when the two first worked together. Prior to STOMP, Luke and Steve met in 1981 when they were members of the street band […]

The cast of STOMP performs with large buckets

From the archives: STOMP as loud as you can, Denver

‘Stomp’ will be back in Denver from March 10-15 in all its explosive, syncopated glory with those incredible percussionists who treasure the old adage about…

A musical instrument installation at Meow Wolf Convergence Station

One Person’s Trash is Another’s Masterpiece: Creating art out of garbage

Before throwing away that paper towel tube or foam packaging, think about what it could become with a little imagination. After all, one person’s trash can be another’s treasure, and the vehicle to make music, create art and even revamp into clothes. The idea of using found objects, aka trash, and turning them into something […]