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Video: ‘Standing Equation,’ Episode 2: Fun with pentagons

Math is cool. And if you love theatre, our new educational video series will show you why. It’s one of the realities of performing in the five-sided Space Theatre: The mathematical regularities (and peculiarities) of the pentagon, defined simply as a plane figure with five straight sides and five angles. Tony Cisek, who recently designed […]

ROSE RIORDAN. Sweat. Photo by John Moore.

Introducing new DCPA Theatre Company Associate A.D. Rose Riordan

Chris Coleman turns to a familiar face to be the DCPA Theatre Company’s new Associate Artistic Director

Tara Falk quote Sweat.

Tara Falk: ‘I turned my cancer into the most positive thing in the world’

Actor began work on play less than three weeks after reconstructive facial surgery

At first rehearsal of Sweat,'. Photo by John Moore.

First rehearsal of ‘Sweat’: Talking about a De-Industrial Revolution

What a black female playwright found she has in common with 52 unemployed male steelworkers

Aaron Posner on revisiting ‘The Merchant of Venice’: To be or not to be?

Rather than foreclose on Shakespeare’s problem play, playwright gives it a new lease on American life in ‘District Merchants’

John Ahlin of 'Native Gardens' on what theatre can learn from Comic-Con

Broadway veteran’s garden grew out of a dream to be a forest ranger. Now he’s tilling the soil on the Space Theatre stage.

2018-19 DCPA Theatre Company season: In with the old … and the new

Chris Coleman’s 40th anniversary season will include two world premieres, Tolstoy and an African-American Oklahoma!

February openings: 'Hamilton,' a Summit and a new $60 million jewel for Colorado Springs

R-E-S-P-E-CT, Colorado theatre: You have provided 82 theatregoing options in the shortest month of the year.

Regan Linton 2017 True West Award

2017 True West Award: Colorado Theatre Person of the Year Regan Linton

The returning hero won’t claim to have saved the theatre that creates performance opportunities for the disabled. But plenty of others will.