The Lion King Trivia

The Lion King

  1. How many times is “Hakuna Matata” heard in each performance?

A) 100 B) 25 C) 150 D) 1,000

  1. Who is Mufasa’s informant and friend?

A) Michael B) Scar C) Zazu, D) Sarabi

  1. Who is Simba’s sinister uncle who conspires to become the king?

A) Scar B) Mufasa C) Ed D) Lester

  1. Who is Simba’s childhood friend, a young female cub?

A) Sarabi B) Shenzi C) Nala D) Phyllis

  1. Who are the two friends who share their simple philosophy of “Hakuna Matata” with Simba?

A) Shenzi and Banzai B) Mufasa and Zazu C) Fred and Ginger D) Timon and Pumbaa

  1. What kind of animal is Timon?

A) Cat B) Elephant C) Meerkat D) Camel

  1. What kind of animal is Pumbaa?

A) Warthog B) Rhinoceros C) Hippopotamus D) Caterpillar

  1. What song does Rafiki sing at the beginning of The Lion King to invite the animals of the savannah to celebrate the birth of Simba?

A) Hakuna Matata B) Circle of Life C) Can You Feel The Love Tonight D) Happy Birthday


The Lion King

Dec 2, 2021 – Jan 2, 2022 • Buell Theatre

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Key: 1-B.  2-C.  3-A.  4-C. 5 -D.  6-C.  7-A.  8-B.