Headshot of Cydney Kutcipal

There’s Nothing Ironic About Welcoming Home Talented Coloradans

Cydney Kutcipal (They/Them), from Loveland, Colorado, is making their professional debut in Jagged Little Pill appearing in the ensemble and understudying the role of Jo, a debut they landed at the end of their junior year of college at Shenandoah University. For the past year Cydney has been performing in the show eight times a week, which Denver will get to see August 16-27 at the Buell Theatre, and finishing school thanks to the collaboration with Shenandoah.

Headshot of Cydney Kutcipal

Cydney Kutcipal

Cydney’s first performing arts love was dance. Like most children, their parents put them in many activities to see what stuck. Cydney would say, “Tiny tot soccer was not for me. I just kept going around and holding people’s hands.” From there Cydney would take part in summer theatre camps and eventually continue the love of performing arts at Mountain View High School’s theatre program where they were nominated for a Bobby G Award for Outstanding Choreography. “The more I grow up and see how the world is changing I’m seeing a lot of art programs in schools getting cut…. I’ve seen the way that not having the arts can affect people and I think it’s just so important,” said Cydney. “It gives people a community, a place where they feel like they belong, which is so huge when you’re growing up.”

Cydney credits their mom, Candice, not only for tickets to attend their first Broadway show at The Buell, Wicked, but also for giving them continuous support to pursue a career in theatre. Cydney comes from a family of engineers and accountants, “so it was really wonderful and beautiful that my mom said, ‘You can do this!’” Cydney also appreciates former dance instructor, Brooke Cassidy, and high school choreographer, Tammy Johnson. “She really pushed me to do this and pushed me when I didn’t believe in myself and I’m very grateful for that.”

Likewise, Jagged Little Pill offers audiences perspectives on acceptance and appreciation. “This story is about crossing the generations and finding that understanding in each other, finding the things that are similar and accepting the differences.” These are lessons that carry over from the 1995 album, which Cydney’s mom played when they were growing up. “What I see in the audience is that it is the same angst that my parents’ generation grew up with that is still relevant with Gen. Z and the younger folks. We’re all looking for the same things: to be loved, to be accepted and not feel alone and I think that Alanis Morissette’s music does that so beautifully.”

Some shows you see, but Jagged Little Pill makes you feel joy, strength, love, courage, catharsis and life in this Tony and Grammy Award-winning new musical about a perfectly imperfect American family, based on Alanis Morissette’s world-changing music. You live, you learn, you connect across generations. Welcome home, Cydney Kutcipal.