Podcast: Our exclusive interview with Ira Glass

by John Moore | Dec 02, 2013

Audio podcast: Ira Glass brings his stage show, which combines the anachronistic art forms of dance and radio, to the Buell Theatre for one night only on Saturday, Dec. 7.

"This American Life," hosted by Ira Glass, is heard each week by more than 1.7 million listeners on more than 500 radio stations around the world, with an additional 1 million listening to the online podcast version. 

When given the opportunity to talk to such an iconic voice, you have to let the subject dictate the storytelling form. So I decided to use the occasion of a chat with Glass to resurrect my "Running Lines" audio podcasts, which topped 150 episodes back in 2007 when I worked for The Denver Post. 

Words are nice, but you have to admit ... when it comes to Glass, you really want to hear that voice. Only this way, you get some visuals, too.

Glass talks about his signature radio program, specifically one seminal episode that will be of interest to Denver Center Theatre Company audiences. We revisit "Act V." It chronicled a group of convicted murderers who staged "Hamlet" every six months in a Missouri maximum security prison, one act at a time. Their unique observations about the play --- and the nature of murder itself -- should be required listening for anyone taking on "Hamlet" as a stage play. It plays Jan. 24-Feb. 23 at the Denver Center's Stage Theatre.

Glass will be here Saturday, Dec. 7, to perform his theatrical creation "Three Acts, Two Dancers, One Radio Host." On our podcast, he explains how he joined forces with Monica Bill Barnes to invent a show that combines two art forms that — as Glass puts it — "have no business being together — dance and radio." One is all words and no visuals. One is all visuals and no words. The result, as his producers describe it, "is a funny, lively and very talky evening of dance and stories that brought down the house at Carnegie Hall." 

Glass hopes the performance will appeal to his radio listeners, but he's self-deprecating about it. "I harbor no illusions," he says on our podcast. "I don't think that anybody has ever listened to the show and and felt like, 'You know what he needs is some dancers! Then this would really be great!"

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Ira Glass combines the anachronistic art forms of dance and radio for one night only, Saturday, Dec. 7, at the Buell Theatre.

Ticket information:

"Three Acts, Two Dancers, One Radio Host"

8 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 7


303-893-4100 or go to the Denver Center's ticketing page


More coverage:

Excerpts from Ira Glass' stage show coming Saturday to the Buell Theatre: "Three Acts, Two Dancers, One Radio Host."


In our podcast, Ira Glass addresses all kind of subjects, including whether it was more fun to appear on an episode of "The Simpsons" or in a music video with Yoko Ono. We'll let his answer speak for itself ... but here's the video in question, "Bad Dancer." Guests include Ad Rock & Mike D, Ani Taj & Dance Cartel, Greg Saunier, Heems, Ira Glass, Josh Fox, Justin Vivian Bond, Questlove, Reggie Watts, Roberta Flack, Yuka Honda & Miho Hatori.

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