Actors listen intently as their DCPA Education instructor speaks

Five Reasons Why Adults Should Take a Class This Summer

There are countless reasons why adults should take an acting class. Both actors and non-actors alike can use the summer months to learn a new skill or refine the tools in their toolbox. As the weather warms up and folks get antsy to socialize, interacting with new faces is one of the many benefits of an acting class. Here are five other reasons why you should plunge into the deep end of the acting pool and sign up for one of the many education classes at the Denver Center.

TAP INTO YOUR INNER CHILD. The hustle and bustle of life can be overwhelming. Between paying bills, going to work, and taking care of a family, it’s easy to forget how to enjoy life. But we can still tap into the carefree, light-heartedness so often found in children. In what world do raccoons who only eat Thai food share an apartment with Jason Mantzoukas? The world of improv, where you can embrace the silliness and be free to make mistakes like you once did as a kid.

COMMUNICATION IS KEY. Did you know acting teaches skills you can use in both your professional and personal life? Through rehearsing monologues, scenes, and participating in improv exercises, students learn to express thoughts and opinions in articulate and thoughtful ways, which can come in handy during presentations and public speaking.

DEEP, MEANINGFUL CONNECTION. When preparing for a role, often actors will have a list of “givens.” Those givens are a blend of information provided by the playwright and what the actor endows upon the character. By understanding a character’s backstory and motivation, students are challenged to step into someone else’s shoes. Learning how to empathize or sympathize with a character helps build meaningful relationships outside of the space.

SELF-AWARENESS. Acting requires both emotional and physical presence. During scenes, they have to not only know where they are in relation to other actors and set pieces, but also their own physical capabilities. Becoming comfortable with their bodies and emotions challenges students to be vulnerable with themselves. Sometimes this vulnerability is therapeutic and can be a method of healing or an outlet for energy.

STRETCH YOURSELF. Despite the saying, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” you can pick up new hobbies throughout your life to help keep our minds sharp and our spirits up. Have you ever been interested in Acting on Camera, Voice-over, or Trapeze? Why not add Improv to your repertoire?

Delay no more! There are many classes from which to choose and scholarships are available. So, set the stage for summer, and register today!